Nine tips to increase Intimacy and Love this Christmas

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If you want more intimacy and love this Christmas here are some tips that will help you navigate your way through the ‘silly season’. 1. Make it your own You decide what sort of Christmas holiday season you really want to have. Let’s make it a time of real Intimacy and Love, your way. This season of the year can be great fun but also it … Read More

Shopping & Your Sexual Essence

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Man and woman shopping

Men, shopping with your woman can be like foreplay or kill the romance. Women, shopping can be a spiritual practice or an expensive substitute for love. In general the masculine essence likes to shop functionally, taking as least time as possible. Mission focused. As Ernst Dams, Living Love co-facilitator, says, ‘efficient is the word that keeps coming up for me. … Read More

Tips for Couples

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staring couple

When a woman supports a man in his need for freedom, to follow his mission and purpose in life, then he in turn wants to provide for, guide and protect his loved ones. He deepens in his masculinity and then this allows his woman to safely relax more into her feminine nature. The polarity then becomes like the yin/yang symbol, … Read More

Living from the Warrior Heart

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The Warrior energy is found at the ‘darker’ end of the Masculine energy spectrum. It represents the part in us that would fight to protect our child or loved ones, fight to the death for our country, our beliefs or our mates. It can push through limitations and barriers to further our mission, our ambition and achieve our goals. The … Read More