Are you feeling isolated and would love to really connect with good women?                                                                                     Or feeling overwhelmed by your masculine to-do lists and tasks, and out of touch with your feminine self?                   Are there energies and feelings you need to express but are concerned you will be labelled ‘too much’ or ‘too emotional’?      Do you sense there is to much more to discover about your feminine essence and creativity?

Address these needs and longings, and much more at the:

Wild Beauty, Radiant Heart workshop                                                               

6 evening sessions for Women in Byron Bay area, NSW, Australia

Tuesdays January 23 & 30, February 6, 13, 20 & 27

Facilitated by Cynthia Connop, founder of Living Love.

‘Your future juicy alive confident self will thank you for doing this workshop! Cynthia is a gifted, gentle and powerful facilitator.’ Kylie

‘Loving this weekly group!!  I feel seen and liberated in a real and integrated way whenever I do any workshops or work with Cynthia Connop. I fully trust Cynthia with my most vulnerable self. Just felt compelled to share and encourage any other women who may be keen for next time.’ Angela Standley,  marketing consultant

‘Last night was so special for me. The nurturing while I cried my fears, guilt and disappointment was very healing. Who gets to do THAT. It is such a welcome and full addition to my ageing journey.’ Rosie Kaplan, Mastermind facilitator/artist

‘I very recently had the honor to complete a series of 6 weeks Living Love for WOMEN. What a journey! I have experienced a great expansion of the different aspects of my essence. Cynthia took us into a journey of embodiment of different aspects of the feminine, which in result provided me with a vast opening of myself, not only in relation to others but also in relation to life! I highly recommend the delightful adventure to learn deeper about ourselves in a safe circle of women!’ Carolina Pagotto, therapist

#livinglove #feminineOver 6 evenings a group of women will come together to explore and liberate their feminine essence, to enrich their lives and be more fully expressed. This is powerful, beautiful work that is life changing.

Wild Beauty, Radiant Heart is for beginners and those who have already done Living Love workshops or similiar. It will include practices, energy work, creativity, inquiry, sharing and movement to:

• liberate and embrace your feminine essence
• expand how you are ‘living as love’ in your life
• create special connections, nourishment and pleasure
• encourage you to open to aligned, loving relationships in your life
• dissolve your barriers with full compassion
• manifest your heart desires with grace and beauty

There will be different themes and teachings each week, as well as space to flow and time for individual issues.

‘Something has shifted within me from feeling defeated and depleted to a place of refilling with the feminine flow and loving my essence and authenticity. I feel lighter and brighter! I feel so blessed to be on this journey. Cynthia and the other beautiful ladies inspire me into a place of luscious free flowing feminine strength!’ Karen, nurse

‘What a delicious journey to hidden parts of my feminine soul and back. Breathtaking, challenging and nourishing.’ Nicola Henderson, Consultant

‘Cynthia is gifted with the ability to liberate women.’ Amanda, Yoga Teacher/faciliatator

DATES: 6 sessions on Tuesdays January 23 & 30, February 6, 13, 20 & 27

TIME: 6.30pm to 9.30pm.
#livinglove #relationships

LOCATION: Byron Bay area

COST: $300


Registration & Payment


Or call or text Cynthia on 0408 205671
or email:


#LIVINGLOVE # WOMENIf you are an individual, community, organisation or group and are excited to have Living Love for Women in your location contact Cynthia on 0408 205671 or email her at

A 2 – 4 day workshop with Cynthia Connop, founder of Living Love.

‘Totally opening, juicy, liberating. A place to really BE myself.’ Lavinia, Social Worker

In this transformational  workshop you will be supported by a series of practices, inquiry, energy work, creativity, sharing, reflection and movement to:

  • deepen and embrace your radiant feminine essence
  • celebrate your unique talents and energetic gifts
  • learn the feminine art of creating
  • open to loving relationships that empower, nourish  and spark you
  • find a new career/passion or enliven a current one
  • give and receive pleasure
  • dissolve your protections and limitations in full compassionate vulnerability
  • manifest your valuable heart desires with grace and beauty

‘The gifts of women are so alive and ready to flow into the world, yet many are feeling the fear of ‘not being good enough’, or of being ‘too much’. When our love-light shines more brightly, we are humbly magnificent.’ Cynthia Connop

Praise for Living Love for Women:

‘Its fun, its nurturing at all levels. Gentle, clear, really human facilitation. A safe creative circle.’ Emily Coleing, Yoga Teacher

‘A coming together and a deep remembering of who I really am in my fullness –fun – insightful, rich in new understanding.’ Ankya Klay, Photographer

This was a wonderful experience – every aspect was superb – I learnt so much about myself.’ Sandra, Nurse

Praise for Cynthia’s work with women:

‘I am channeling my newly regained effervescence into many exciting adventures.’ Zetta, Trainer

‘It was just so soul nourishing, inspiring, fun and growth enhancing.’ Michelle L, Artist

‘A magnificent way to open the portals to being more intuitive, receptive and welcoming to love in your life.’ Sarah N, Project Support

‘Cynthia is gifted with the ability to liberate women.’ Amanda, Yoga Teacher

‘A must for every woman.’ Victoria G, Corporate Trainer

If you are an individual, community, organisation or group and are excited to have this event in your location contact Cynthia on 0408 205671 or email her at