‘It continues to amaze me, the capacity this work has to support individuals in opening themselves to love, to letting go and to moving forward in freedom.’  Shea Callaghan.

Cynthia Connop CUPrivate sessions with Cynthia are now available.

Cynthia Connop is a personal growth facilitator and as the founder of Living Love she helps many people to transform their lives and relationships. Cynthia draws on a lifetime of experience and learning  in transformational teaching,  relationship  coaching, spirituality, sexuality, documentary filmmaking and creativity.

She will support you to create more love, depth and freedom in your life. She offers safety, expansion and profoundly positive results.

“Thank you for the ways you have helped us to love.” Helen, Nurse

“Your impact on our life this year has been extremely helpful for our relationship.” DG, Teacher

Cynthia works with:

Couples with issues including:couple_yab_yum

  • loss of attraction and passion in your relationship
  • poor communication
  • loss of purpose, intimacy and deep connection
  • sexual difficulties
  • negative emotions interfering with love

Singles with issues including:

  • lack of confidence in your sexual essence
  • difficulty finding a partner that is right for you
  • challenges in letting go of past, painful relationships
  • trauma, and limiting shells of protections

Cynthia uses her wisdom and skills to help people to:

  • change your relationship from problem solving
    to intimate communion
  • remove emotional, sexual and spiritual blocks that are holding you back
  • increase your ability to attract and choose the right relationship for you
  • revitalise your deep masculine or feminine essence to gain more polarity and passion
  • resolve sexual issues so you have more pleasure, connection and sacred sexuality
  • heal past traumas so you can fully express yourself and live love
  • create your heart goals, what really matters in your life

‘Cynthia's sessions help you untie the deepest knots'General sessions – Individuals and couples

“You offer an amazing gift.” NG, Health Professional‘

Sessions are available by phone and Skype, or in person in Ocean Shores, NSW Australia. To schedule a time please contact Cynthia on 0408 205 671 or email: info@livinglove.com.au. Sessions are one hour for individuals and 90 minutes for couples.

Enquiries/bookings welcome –  Call or text 0408 205671 or email info@livinglove.com.au

(Once you have booked a session time payment via paypal is below.)

Heart Goals session – Individuals and Couples

http://livinglove.com.au“I thoroughly enjoyed the session and the insights it opened for me.'” TK, Manager

In the Heart Goals session, you will work with Cynthia using a combination of practical, embodied and spiritual methods, to take your next step to positive change in your life:

You will:

  • Identify your heart-goals – tailored to your unique masculine or feminine essence
  • Elevate your energy and embody your sacred gifts
  • Discover your hidden barrier and shift it, using Cynthia’s original ‘inner journey’ process
  • Create an action plan or structure to support your heart goals.

Enquiries/bookings welcome –  Call or text 0408 205671 or email info@livinglove.com.au

(Once you have booked a session time payment via paypal is below.)

Five Session Program – Individuals and Couples

“Cynthia has both wisdom and compassion.  Held in a safe and loving space I gained greater understanding and appreciation of myself and my own deepest needs as well as those of my partner. Cynthia was able to get to the core of things in a way that inspired and supported growth for me and my partner. We now enjoy greater honesty, understanding and appreciation of one another.”  Hester Phillips, teacher

The five session program is recommended for couples or singles who are ready to commit to exploring and creating new possibilities.

The 5 sessions are a committed program of sessions and assignments tailored just for you.  Individuals – 5  x 60 min sessions can be taken over approximately 4 to 8 weeks. Couples – 5 x 90 min sessions an be taken over approximately 4 to 8 weeks.

Using a combination of practical, embodied and spiritual methods you and Cynthia will work together to:

  • embody and activate your heart goals
  • energetically and practically adjust your progress as you live your life
  • dissolve patterns that keep you stuck
  • cultivate your essence to bring fulfilment, success and connection

Enquiries/bookings welcome –  Call or text 0408 205671 or email info@livinglove.com.au

Cynthia Connop’s private sessions for men and women

Private Relating Intensive for Couples
Loving Couple

Held in beautiful Byron Bay area a private intensive is designed for a couple who wish to go deeply into their interplay of masculine and feminine essence and living love in their relationship. This is a private intensive offered over two or more days. In this intensive you will find the core of your passion and connection and learn practices to nourish and sustain that deep union.

‘We had a wonderful weekend – we deeply valued our Living Love intensive.’  TW, manager

Enquiries/bookings welcome –  Call or text 0408 205671 or email info@livinglove.com.au


What Cynthia says:

“ I am very happy to have the time to be fully with one or two people and focus solely on their needs and issues. The results are strong and deep. If you choose to combine sessions with a workshop,  you have the advantage of group energetics and also private work tailored just for you. “