The 5-Session Program for singles and couples with Cynthia Connop is now available both online and in person.

Cynthia Connop 5 - session program

The 5-session program with Cynthia Connop is recommended for couples and singles who are ready to commit to exploring and creating new possibilities. This may include resolving long-standing issues that are taking up your energy, preventing love and intimacy.

The changing world we are in has put new stresses on relationships for both singles and couples. This is also a great time to take action to bring more and better love into your life.

The program consists of five private sessions and suggested home practices tailored just for you.  Individual sessions are 5  x 60 min, and Couples sessions are 5 x 90 min. Both can be taken weekly or fortnightly, with a little flexibility in there.

Using a combination of talking, embodied methods and practices you and Cynthia will work together across the program to achieve tangible results.

In the 5-session program couples and singles will

  • identify your relationship goals and desires for the program
  • clear old issues and patterns that keep you stuck
  • discover ways to greater bliss, love and freedom that are tailored for you
  • establish real-life practices that make you a better lover in your daily life and relationship

And get positive results for issues such as:

Couples couple_yab_yum

  • loss of attraction, intimacy and deep connection
  • poor communication, excessive conflict
  • sexual difficulties
  • negative emotions interfering with love and freedom


  • lack of confidence in your masculine or feminine energy
  • difficulty finding a partner that is right for you
  • challenges in letting go of past, painful relationships
  • trauma, and the shells of protection

‘It continues to amaze me, the capacity Cynthia’s work has to support people in opening themselves to love, to letting go and to moving forward in freedom.’  Shea Callaghan, youth leader

“Your impact on our life this year has been extremely helpful for our relationship.” DG, Teacher

“Thank you for the ways you have helped us to love.” Helen, Nurse

“Discover what it means to be a man and what it takes to fulfil your woman.” Justin, landscaper

“Cynthia has both wisdom and compassion.  Held in a safe and loving space I gained greater understanding and appreciation of myself and my own deepest needs as well as those of my partner. Cynthia was able to get to the core of things in a way that inspired and supported growth for me and my partner. We now enjoy greater honesty, understanding and appreciation of one another.”  Hester Phillips, teacher

Online Sessions with Cynthia Connop are currently available by phone, skype and zoom

In person sessions are at Ocean Shores, NSW.

Sessions and Private Intensives with Cynthia Connop are also available.

Cost of a 5-session program 

Individual 5  x 60 min  –  AU$750 (payable in 2 payments of $390)

Couple 5  x 90 min program –  AU$1125 (payable in 2 payments of $580)

If you are in financial difficulty due to Covid-19 please enquire about a discount.

Enquiries welcome –  Call or text Cynthia on 0408 205 671 to book in, or for your free 15 min Discovery call to find out more, or use this form below.

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