Collage of workshop workshop moments Frequently asked questions FAQFAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about the Attraction, Intimacy & Love workshop.

Updated March  2024

1. What is the refund policy? Cancellation by registered participant: up to 4 weeks beforehand a full refund minus a $50 administration fee. Cancellation after 4 weeks before the workshop your fee is non-refundable. If we are forced to cancel the workshop you will receive a full refund of the your fee.

2. I’m single – how will this work and will I feel out of place?   The workshops have been running successfully since 2009 and are designed to benefit both singles and couples. The practices in the workshop are done by all the participants, in pairs or small groups, that change with each practice. As the practises deepen in intimacy, if someone is there with a partner they do those with them, and singles partner up and do variations on the practices that are dependent on your own boundaries. There are clear guidelines and rules to make it safe and honouring, including no nudity.

3. I’m in a couple – how will it be working with other people and not just my partner?  The whole group does various practices in pairs or small groups and as the practises deepen in intimacy we ask you to work with your partner.

4. I’d love to come but my partner is unable to come, how will this work?  While it is great to do it together, its fine to come alone. Many people do so for different reasons. You will take the learning back into your relationship.

5. After this workshop what will I walk away with?  You will leave with many learnings and shifts, but some of the popular feedback is that people feel more confident in their skin, more embodied in their masculine and feminine essence, plus they have deep insights about past patterns that have been not working in their lives and relationships. Men say they are stronger and more purposeful, clearer and more connected to their feelings and depth. Women feel loved and beautiful, open and deeply seen. Both are ready for their next step. We have a huge appreciation from participants for this workshop.

6. I’m feeling raw after a breakup, is it the right time to come?  This is not unusual among participants as this is the time when people often recognise a desire to change patterns of behaviour and create something different. It is also very healing to be in a loving, supportive group, and to be accepted exactly as you are. It allows you to move on gracefully and naturally. As the weekend goes on you will have fun too and create new imprints around relationships. It’s a prefect time to come and get your mojo back. Also there is always the possibility of sitting something out if it is not ok with you (rarely happens).

7. Does age matter?  Masculine and feminine essence are an expression of the divine, which has no relationship to age. It is also about the connections between people in the workshop, and the gifts that different ages bring. The participants vary in age, however there will usually be others of your age group there. Bringing others from your tribe is also a great idea as after the workshop you have a shared experience and understanding. Under 18 is not permitted.

8. What are the hours of the workshop?  Currently the workshop hours are Saturday 9am to 5.30pm, Sunday 11.00am to 5.30pm, NSW time. With breaks.

9. Are discounts available for pensioners or concession card holders?  A payment plan is available on request. Please discuss your circumstances when booking.

10. What are the accommodation options for the workshop at Byron Bay   The venue is in Myocum, approx 15 mins from Byron Bay township, 10 mins from Brunswick Heads and 10 minutes from Mullumbimby. Airbnb has a many local options.  There are airbnb, caravan parks etc not too far away. Google is your friend here.

11. What is the nearest airport? The Ballina/Byron airport is approximately 30mins south of the venue and is in NSW. Gold Coast airport is approx 45 mins away and is in Queensland.  You can travel by bus or taxi or we may be able to arrange a lift for you. 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions about repeating the Attraction, Intimacy & Love workshop.

1. Will it be different to the last weekend I did?  Each workshop is unique, introducing some new practises and variations on previous ones. Most importantly YOU will be different and many of the practices are designed for both beginner to advanced levels. Cynthia also offers private and ‘tailored for you’ practices for reviewers, so they can deepen their workshop experience. Some people have done it up to 8 times over the years.

2. I got so much from my last Living Love weekend. Should I integrate that fully first?  After a short integration time, more growth happens from moving forward and stretching into more practise, not from waiting. The Living Love weekend gives an opportunity for everyone to take a next step, wherever you are at. Honesty and willingness are all you need and the energy in the workshop helps everyone shift through barriers and fears and become a fuller, freer expression of self.

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