Valentine’s Day – Beyond Romance

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Couple close up together . Valentine's day - beyond Romance

In current times Valentine’s Day is all about romantic love, expressed through flowers, gifts and special outings. It generally appeals to the feminine as a sign she is loved and valued. For the masculine it can be daunting or of little value to himself, so a deeper intention will likely help him embrace it. Valentine’s Day – Beyond Romance – is that even possible?

If you are missing romance in your life, feeling unseen or unappreciated, it can feel like a craving to have it. Or you may have even shut down on wanting that or not care about it at all. But Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to go beyond romantic love into a deeper union of sacred relationships. To expand your love and freedom, whether single or in a couple.

For couples infusing deeper love into the humdrum of daily life can have real, positive effects. You can go beyond flowers and chocolates into offering your partner ‘worship’ of the divine in them and they in you. The feminine loves to be seen and appreciated as the goddess of love, see my previous blog on worshipping the feminine. And he loves to be recognised as the noble hero in her life, see my previous blog on worshipping the masculine.

If your relationship is going through a challenging time, Valentine’s Day can be a painful reminder of what is missing. Instead of ignoring it, you could write a card or celebrate it saying something like “I know things aren’t great between us right now, but I still love you and I honour your love for me.”

For some singles the day can be more challenging, a reminder of loneliness or longing for something you don’t have yet, but it doesn’t have to be. Look deeper into what you most truly want in a relationship and honour that. Look beyond romance to the union you will cherish in the future.

Some singles celebrate by appreciating a special platonic friend. And a “Galentines” gathering could be a blissful women’s evening of opening and joy.

Going deeper into love can feel awkward or scary. Valentine’s Day – Beyond Romance means we don’t have to get it “right”. We are going deeper than the personality and our identities into a recognition of life and love itself. Don’t worry about it being reciprocated. Love and presence comes back to us in some form or another.


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