Worship and Sexual Essence – Feminine

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Better sex, better you?

Worship – “the act of giving worth to something”. What is the connection between worship and sexual essence – feminine.

When we hear the term ‘worship the divine feminine’ it may sound inspiring, strange or even intimidating. How can we worship another human being? One who may seem anything but divine if she is tired, critical, moody or down on herself. And could it even be seen as submissive or accepting things that are not acceptable to you?

“worship is not therapy”

Worship is not about solving psychological or relational problems. The is best done in sessions with a therapist. Worship in our relationships is uplifting and takes us into the luminosity of the sacred. This worship is given in love and trust, not as an unhealthy personality pattern. Each will feel very different.

In fact, worship of the divine feminine, the mother goddess and other archetypes, has been practiced since very early civilisation.  In ancient India yoni worship or puja is a form of devotion in Tantric spirituality. Yoni is a Sanskrit word for female genitals and womb. It’s wider meanings include being a symbol of Shakti, the supreme feminine energy. The creative force that gives birth and animates the whole universe.

This worship is not personal, it is transcendent. And yet we are a physical embodiment of the divine.


“ultimately it is the shine of her full, open, loving heart”

The feminine essence thrives when she is fully seen, appreciated and yes worshipped. Not as a boost to her ego, or some form of narcissism, in fact quite the opposite. It is a sacred art of fully seeing her, a real honouring of her beauty, her radiance, her body, her pleasure, her infinite love and compassion. Seeing the ‘goddess’ in her.

There is her unique feminine shape, sensual skin, sexy vibes, mysterious beauty. But ultimately it is the shine of her full, open, loving heart that matters. And this is ageless and can shine through every body.

In fact, the more she is seen, the more she shines.Seen not as an object of sexual need, or a projection of a divine ideal, but seen truly as the divine feminine  living in her.

 “appreciate her kick-ass sexiness”

Appreciation.  Firstly, look for what is beautiful, what she is showing you, what you delight in. This is best done when it is her inner and outer beauty. In a young woman you may appreciate her youthful radiant glow, but also see her depth of heart and the wisdom she is growing into. In a mature woman you may see her wisdom, but also appreciate her kick-ass sexiness, her persistence in love, her playfulness.

Worship is the next step, and a little riskier, needing more full surrender. Worship means going beyond fear and self-consciousness and worshiping her core feminine essence. The aspect in her that reflects the divine feminine, that is the divine showing up in her human form.

It is not about boosting her ego or compensating for her self-doubt or an inner critic. Rather it’s a deep recognition of the love, beauty, power and bliss shining through and in her.

“this fully releases her love-light”

Men – how to worship her?

Preparation For the masculine, he is aware and present, with both wide and focused awareness to truly worship the feminine. If he is focusing in on one of her qualities, at the same time he can practice being aware of the whole of her, and her connection to the divine source. When he can be her equal and worship her as an equal, without restraint or contraction, this fully releases her love-light.

However, if he is needing from her this will not be worship that she can freely trust. So prepare to meet the goddess fully by taking time out to meditate, listen to your spiritual inspirers, do physical embodiment practices, whatever makes you more present and grounded in your body and your self.

Speaking about her beauty is good. Many men, or those with masculine essence, hold back for fear of seeming inauthentic or even manipulative. This is understandable but as we find in the Living Love workshops, most women, or those with feminine essence, thrive on being sincerely seen for their beauty and love. What for the masculine would be way too much praise, for the feminine is just the beginning. If a woman is resisting praise it is often due to having the wrong sort of attention in her past. So, it may take some time for her to trust you, and herself.

Most of the great love poets are men, so reading up on a few of their efforts can offer lessons in how to appreciate a woman’s beauty of form and heart. Going past your reticence or fear and offering this to the feminine will be a good learning in the art of worship and sacred polarity. See what ands, and what doesn’t. Try again, try something different.

Even a simple ‘Wow you look beautiful!’ can go a long way. Many women feel starved for being seen, even those in a loving relationship. When this happens, she starts to become closed, and her glow fades and diminishes. She swallows her disappointment for the sake of the relationship, and she is not fully given or received.

“wild ravishment can also be sacred”

Couple kissing with mud on their bodiesThen there is touch. The way you touch her can immediately convey your worship. Sacred doesn’t mean always being gentle, wild ravishment can also be sacred. If you are absent-mindedly touching her, she feels it. If you are devouring her from need, she feels it. When you are worshipping her for the sake of love, doing your best to be fully present in your touch, telling her without words that you feel and see her innate shakti life force in every cell of her beautiful body, she feels it and responds.

Sexually her yoni is the receptive polarity and if she is ready and fully trusts you, then you can penetrate her with your worship and deep love.


If you currently don’t have a partner, worship of the divine feminine can be offered to every woman in your life, in appropriate ways. This can be given silently as an inner bow, if that has the most integrity. It can be a sweet recognition of her feminine energy that she brings to you, to life.

It can also be done as a more general practice and attitude. Go back over your past relationships and worship what you were given by the feminine, even if there are other hurts, focus on the gifts for a time. Write it down if that helps you focus. It is powerful medicine. What you look for in the feminine is what you see. And what you will see.


“first step is honouring your own feminine essence”

If you would like to be worshipped for your feminine essence in relationship, how do you attract a partner who wants to do that?

First step is honouring your own feminine essence. Not putting yourself down in negative self-talk. Not giving up on your own radiance and magnetic energy. Doing things that enhance beauty and love. Honouring other women for their feminine essence.

Second is worshipping the masculine essence. Seeing the divine in your partner, in all men.

I have written about that in the blog ‘Worship and Sexual Essence’ – Masculine.

With love and appreciation,


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