Workshop participants share their experiences with us. 

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Reviews from past participants – we love to see how well Living Love is working!

‘This workshop has really helped me experience my edges in interacting with the masculine, my fears, my joys, and areas that need more tenderness and compassion.’ Sarah Berenice, art therapist

‘Thank you so much for a fabulous weekend. It has really turned me around and instilled much needed confidence and positive energy into my heart.’ Neville

‘This weekend will crack you open like nothing else. You will step into parts within yourself that will transform your relationships, career and life.’ Amy Stevens, coach

‘This is an eye opening, so rejuvenating experience. I enjoyed every minute of the workshop and I feel more connected with my femininity than before.’ Linda, economist

‘Living Love has helped me to connect to my true self.’ David, artist

‘It’s been fantastic, I love the flow that Cynthia offers. How she just spoke and flowed and kept the dialogues going and touching on so many aspects of life. I absolutely love being so connected to people who were complete strangers to me yesterday. I can’t recommend it enough.’ Jim, handyman

‘I was totally touched to witness and feel the presence of the men who showed up to experience and love the feminine. I was honoured to experience the presence of the Divine Masculine.’ Carmen, artist

‘F***king amazing!’ Tyson

‘When we left we were deeply connected. I’m really grateful! The experiences I had during the workshop were much more profound than what I had expected.’ Andrew

‘The intimate setting of the weekend was great to really help lower barriers and let everyone open up.’ Kye, chef

‘I will take things from this workshop that will help me with my relationship and my life.’ Zirian, carpenter

‘Great experiential workshop that brings opportunity for healing, learning and growth.’ Corinne, coach

‘Cynthia is a consummate facilitator who guided us with love and sensitivity into practices that kept bringing me back to myself.’ Ciannait, graphic designer

‘It was great to have an open space to express and feel my own feelings and have them so deeply held by Cynthia, her team and the other participants.’ Dale, cameraman

‘Living Love is a beautiful workshop which provides a framework and tools for people to remain open to love through the challenges of life and relationship.’ Mathew – Doctor

‘I opened, opened and opened some more.’ Shirley, consultant

‘If you want to live in your heart and develop your purpose then this is what you have been waiting for.’ John McGregor, real estate agent

‘It was intense and ground-breaking. Absolutely fantastic experience and I loved all of it.’ Simon, manager/director

‘Cynthia is masterful at bringing people into more depth and true essence. She created  a container to see any blocks, and experience the gifts we have to offer.’ Louise Taylor – Consultant

‘The Living Love retreat has been a major transformation and some of the most powerful personal development work I have done. Highly recommended.’ Erik Bigalk – Freelance Writer

‘Hit me at the core of my stuff and changed me forever.’ Nicola Henderson – OD consultant

‘This is deeply transformative work that is also incredibly fun and enlivening.  A privilege to participate and assist in the space.’ Neera – Yoga and Meditation teacher

‘I feel I have grown enormously, learning how to keep my heart open no matter what occurs. Staying anchored in my power, I discovered my soul’s purpose and the power of the feminine.’ Patricia Lawrence – student

‘An amazing place to learn how to live and embody love to the fullest.’ Emma Ryan – Counselor

‘This was a wonderful experience in which I was able to reach deep within my heart and soul and find my way back to deep human connection.’ Molly Butteriss

‘A remarkable, uplifting, fun experience of transformation. I feel enlivened to trust myself more fully and what appears in my life.’ Avalyn Doyle

‘Men and women, hearts bloomed open, and deepening in love.’ Kevin

‘Living Love is a beautiful, unique way to go to the depth of who you are and find what that really is and open the lotus flower.’ Helen Steven – Nurse

‘I am so much clearer about who I am and the possibility can be. Much clearer about my purpose and role I want to play.’ Patrick Kennedy – Imagineer

‘This experience has been amazing and I feel I have gained so much insight into myself and who I am’. Michael Gabriel Love