Find Your Spark – the Direct Path to Love & Intimacy Sessions with Cynthia Connop are available online and in person – for singles & couples

Cynthia Connop is an international facilitator, counsellor and coach.  She is the founder of the Living Love program and draws on decades of experience in relationship and sexuality.

How can Cynthia help?

Cynthia helps people to:

  • have connection, spark and fulfilling sexuality in their lives and relationships
  • have purposeful, sacred and happy relationships
  • singles – attract and choose the right relationship
  • let go of past negative experiences that are impacting you now
  • unlock their core masculine and feminine essence
  • work through fear and shame that may be affecting you

The Direct Path to Love & Intimacy Sessions give positive results for issues like these:


  • loss of attraction, intimacy and connection
  • power imbalance
  • missing each other in the communication
  • excessive conflict
  • sexual difficulties
  • unresolved negative emotions


  • discouragement with dating – internet and otherwise
  • attraction the wrong people
  • lack of confidence in yourself as a lover and partner
  • challenges in letting go of painful love experiences
  • past trauma, and the shells of protection that builds up

My partner and I have found the sessions with Cynthia deeply beneficial and we have always come out of the sessions feeling closer, a deeper understanding of each other, better relating skills and feeling of aliveness together with a spark of attraction. We have found that Cynthia is highly skilled in bringing us back to love.” Matt, electrician

“I am grateful for our couples sessions with Cynthia. Where conventional therapy has failed us, Cynthia’s approach, which is steeped in the ancient wisdom of Tantra, has been highly effective. With great compassion and skill, she has helped my wife and I work through very difficult marital challenges. Through practical exercises, we have broken through and shifted many egoic patterns, rooted in deep trauma, that has held our relationship in bondage for many years. Today we are in a much more nurturing, connected and loving space. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow with Cynthia, through her private sessions and group workshops. Phong, business owner

“I found some notes from a session I did with Cynthia 2 years ago. Funnily enough I have manifested that relationship vision in the best possible way. I recently got married to a wonderful wonderful man and am so happy. I really had no idea that a relationship could be so good.” Anna, disability worker

“My wife and I are now in a great space individually and together. We greatly appreciate your guidance and help for us to both understand each other better and I am so grateful for the assistance for me to see the situation from feminine point of view. We went through something that we needed to go through, and we/I are so much better for it. We are both very happy and in a much better place!” JC, manager

“It continues to amaze me, the capacity Cynthia’s work has to support people in opening themselves to love, to letting go and to moving forward.” Shea Callaghan, youth leader

“I just wanted to say thank you for our session. It felt validating and challenging in all the right ways. There were immediate shifts in my relationship within myself and my partner and I, and this has continued to deepen, soften and expand things for us individually and together.” C, consultant

‘Thank you for the ways you have helped us to love.” Helen R, Nurse

Cynthia’s impact on our life has been extremely helpful for our relationship.” DG, Teacher

“Living Love has been an important tool that has helped Nick and I and our family live love in our everyday life in all its flavours, and always with love as the navigation point of the compass to guide our way when we are lost.” Kate, educator

“I discovered what it means to be a man and what it takes to fulfil a woman.” Justin, landscaper

photo of Cynthia Connop. Direct Path to Love & Intimacy sessionThe Direct Path to Love & Intimacy Initial Sessions with Cynthia Connop are available online or in Ocean Shores, NSW Australia.

To book now call or text Cynthia on 0408 205671 or fill in this form below for a free discovery chat and she will get back to you.

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