Everyday Miracles for Couples

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Couple kissing Everyday Miracles for Couples

Everyday miracles for couples means that by infusing our day to day lives with love and a spark of attraction, things may still be tense, stressful or downright tough, but the flame that you are nurturing between you is real and even magical. When we first fall in love with the ‘other’ there is often a period of grace where … Read More

Divine Masculine & Feminine

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Divine Masculine and feminine Couple in a healing embrace

(Artwork by Ines Honfi  http://www.ineshonfi.com) You may have heard people in the tantra and relationship space speaking of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, or invoking visions of Gods and Goddesses, and wondered about their true meaning. And how does this relate to us today, doing our best to love and connect in the midst of life’s challenges? Many of us … Read More

Intimacy: from Struggles to Love

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Intimacy: from struggles to love. Couple looking at each closely in bed

In intimate relationships, things can go wrong for a variety of reasons, including poor communication (why can’t they just listen!), lack of trust (he never changes), infidelity (she betrayed me) and differences in values or goals. These problems can lead to feelings of hurt, frustration, and resentment, and the resulting struggles can cause the deterioration of the relationship. Transforming intimacy: … Read More

Essential Masculine & Feminine Part 2

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couple in water. Essential Masculine & feminine Part 2

In my last blog Essential Masculine & Feminine Part 1 I explained the qualities of each essence and how the differences can work to create attraction and spark. In this Part 2 I suggest practical ways to increase masculine and feminine sexual essence. Whether you are single or in a relationship you can improve your well-being, relationships and sexual polarity. Let’s … Read More

Essential Masculine & Feminine Part 1

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A couple sitting close. Everyday miracles for couples

Singles and Couples, you have no doubt noticed there are different modes of being, feeling and communicating in relationships and dating. Essential masculine & feminine energies are all around us and in us. The masculine essence is the part of us that is present, conscious, directional, with penetrative focus and clarity. He is motivated by freedom, purpose, awareness, achieving his … Read More

Masculine & feminine ‘languages’

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Masculine and feminine languages

Do you feel like you and your partner, or date, speak a different language? Are there masculine and feminine ‘languages’? Masculine and feminine essence do have different ‘languages’ and it makes a big difference to the quality of your relationship to know and understand them. This is a subject close to my heart. I find this is an area that causes a … Read More

Devotional Love

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Devotion: Love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person or an activity. What or who are you devoted to in your life? Devotional love is a type of love imprint. When someone is captivated by their devotion to a person, a cause, or an activity, they will do anything to support it. Both masculine and feminine essence experience devotion, in different … Read More

Masculine and Feminine Truth

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Intimacy: from struggles to love. Couple looking at each closely in bed

The masculine (doing consciousness energy) is extremely valuable, as is the feminine (feeling flowing energy). We all need both  at different times. But the masculine and feminine energies are not something you want to balance out in yourself, to hold in equal amounts. If we do that we will have a lot of neutral people who don’t attract one another. … Read More

Our Purpose? To Love Fully and Deeply

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Our purpose? to love fully and deeply

These days there is a lot of pressure to find your overarching life purpose. This will supposedly lead to greater clarity, focus and a more satisfying life. If this purpose is noble and serves others, even better. It seems we must all be on a quest to find and live our purpose to make our lives meaningful.  Our purpose – … Read More