Masculine and Feminine Truth

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The masculine (doing consciousness energy) is extremely valuable, as is the feminine (feeling flowing energy). We all need both  at different times. But the masculine and feminine energies are not something you want to balance out in yourself, to hold in equal amounts. If we do that we will have a lot of neutral people who don’t attract one another. Everyone will be self-sufficient and ‘complete’.   This is not the masculine and feminine truth.

Completeness is deadness when it comes to human beings. We are complete when we die and exit this lifetime. Being complete is a type of new age perfectionism that sounds appealing but actually creates seperation, loneliness and confusion.

It implies we have to be everything, both masculine and feminine energies, equally accessed and utilised to be a whole person. Our feeling/receptive and doing/penetrative energies must be in complete harmony. This is just wrong. We are more complete when we are being fully ourselves. Living our own unique imprint of masculine and feminine energies. For most people there will be a predominant energy.

The problem of being both of the energies equally, it shows up when I talk to single parents. They struggle to be both the masculine and feminine to their children. Nurturing and directional. It is often exhausting and difficult. It helps them if they find trustable others who can support them, such as the ‘Uncle or Aunty project’ consciously bringing in the missing and different energy. Then there is freedom to be oneself more, which is actually great modelling for your children.  Purely acknowledging the struggle to be both energies can be liberating.

Yes, we can activate dormant energies. Especially when they have been suppressed and dominated by the opposite within us. With work and practices we can change this. If as a masculine essence you have become lost in the feminine feeling world and not sure of your direction, you can adjust this by focusing on your purpose, your embodiment, your sacred connection to spirit. If you are a feminine essence who has had too much doing and directional energy in her life, you can find ways to surrender into your flowing, creative nature.

But the goal is never to be the same, to be balanced. The goal is to be what makes you feel right, true, contented, connected and authentic.

Some people are naturally balanced between masculine and feminine energies, having a more neutral imprint. Many people however think they are neutral when they are really in fear. Fear about being fully oneself. Fear of being too feminine, too much of a woman, that may attract the wrong men, or create chaos, loss of boundaries or trigger self-doubt. And for the masculine, fear about being too macho, too alpha, insensitive, too sexual, one of the ‘bad guys’ who dominates with aggression.

These and other fears can be masked as a spiritual concept of the inner union of masculine and feminine being the most desirable state. So you sit there under a tree humming to oneself in a perfect balance ….hmmmm. No trouble that way.

Meanwhile life is calling and it needs your authentic masculine and feminine essence, with all its ‘imbalance’. And it needs the glory of You, unashamed of who you are, brought to the table to eat at the feast of life.

So disregard those who want to balance you out, for the sake of peace. Don’t trust it.

Trust instead what calls you, attracts you and moves you. Trust the masculine and feminine truth in you.

with love


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