The Big Love Myth

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Sign Love Yourself First The Big Love Myth

I hear it a lot – if your relationship isn’t working or you have had a painful break-up, or you are unhappily single, it is because of the big love myth “You have to love yourself first before anyone else will.” It has almost become a cliche, that self-love is the cure all. What comes to mind is images of … Read More

5 Ways to more Love and Awareness

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5 Ways to Love & Awareness - Man and bird close up

When we feel caught up in the day to day, or lost in our fears and thoughts, we can easily forget that Love and Awareness are available now and just a heartbeat away! And while I know it can be hard to make a shift, I also know that just a taste can be highly impactful and lead to an … Read More

How to Strengthen Relationships in Challenging Times

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Close up of couples faces How to strengthen relationships in challenging times

Why do some relationships get stronger, and some get weaker in traumatic circumstances? We often just don’t know how to strengthen relationships in challenging times. I live in Northern NSW Australia, an area that has been recently battered by severe flooding, and after two years of the pandemic there are  constant trials and troubles for people not only here, but … Read More

The critic that kills love

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We often read about the destructiveness of being critical of others, but what about when you are overly critical of yourself? The idea that we have an internal critical voice is not new. Most of us have some awareness that we can be overly critical of ourselves, our bodies, our performance. We even learn to not believe or listen to … Read More

Heart Open and Love Flowing

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beautiful woman with her hand on her chest - Heart Open and Love Flowing

I have a photo of myself as a young child, wearing a blue corduroy pinafore made by my mother, a huge smile, eyes literally shining with eagerness. I was naturally open, as most of us are. And well cared for. I wasn’t abused, abandoned or neglected, and yet I started protecting my heart. What would it take to get my heart … Read More

Masculine and Feminine Truth

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Intimacy: from struggles to love. Couple looking at each closely in bed

The masculine (doing consciousness energy) is extremely valuable, as is the feminine (feeling flowing energy). We all need both  at different times. But the masculine and feminine energies are not something you want to balance out in yourself, to hold in equal amounts. If we do that we will have a lot of neutral people who don’t attract one another. … Read More

Our Purpose? To Love Fully and Deeply

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Our purpose? to love fully and deeply

These days there is a lot of pressure to find your overarching life purpose. This will supposedly lead to greater clarity, focus and a more satisfying life. If this purpose is noble and serves others, even better. It seems we must all be on a quest to find and live our purpose to make our lives meaningful.  Our purpose – … Read More

The Art of Loving Disagreements

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Couple close up, eye gazing. The Intimacy keys

I used to avoid disagreements but now I know the art of loving disagreements I use them as a tool of growth and self-enquiry. And I realised there is potentially a lot of passion in fighting. When I am in conflict, I notice what is going on in my body. Perhaps I am actually ‘digging in my heels’, getting ‘hot … Read More

Are you ready for coming out of isolation?

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Woman with open arms by the lake on a background of mountains. Are you ready for coming out of isolation?

Everyone is now abuzz with the new freedoms. Some are venturing out slowly while others are bounding out to enjoy what they can, finally. There are those who don’t want the isolation to end. Are you ready for coming out of isolation? We have been exploring a strange land, facing our fears and challenges, searching for treasure, collecting wise insights. … Read More

Time Travel with the Masters

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photo of Cynthia Connop Time travel with the masters

My Conversations with Renowned Gurus A good activity for coronavirus isolation time for me is to be creative. My immediate workshop schedule is cancelled and all international trips are on hold. I am writing a book and find myself writing about the wisdom pressed into me by life and my personal story. I didn’t know I would soon be experiencing … Read More