5 Ways to more Love and Awareness

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5 Ways to Love & Awareness - Man and bird close up

When we feel caught up in the day to day, or lost in our fears and thoughts, we can easily forget that Love and Awareness are available now and just a heartbeat away! And while I know it can be hard to make a shift, I also know that just a taste can be highly impactful and lead to an exciting opening.

These 5 Ways to create more Love and Awareness today are playful methods to try out, and you can do them solo. You can do all 5 or pick one or two.

Today I woke up feeling rather ordinary and used No. 3. and it worked so well!

Each one is designed as a remedy for a particular form of closure, but they all work to create more Love and Awareness generally.
1.     Feeling unappreciated or unseen?  Praise at least three people today for who they are, or something they do. Ideally in person but if that is not possible do it online or by phone. Friends, family or strangers is ok. For example “I honour the way you are always there for others…” “I adore your beauty and how you shine your light…” “You are a trustable, loyal and true friend…”

Notice if any stinginess or embarrassment comes up and breathe through it. Once you have praised others see if the same need is there in you, or has it changed? Keep going until it does.

2.     Being fearful or closed down?  Risk opening through your fear and expressing your love. Often we have a natural impulse to offer our love or presence, and then fear comes in and we pull back. All kinds of stories can start running in the mind about expressing love, many of them from childhood. “But I won’t get my needs met…” “I will get hurt and be abandoned…”

Take a few deep breaths, trust your higher self and act. You could make a surprise for your beloved, do a kind act for a stranger, listen to a troubled friend, sing love songs on the street. Endless possibilities arise. Big and small.

See if you still feel fearful and closed, or has it changed? Keep going until it does.

3.     Experiencing self-criticism, being down on yourself?  Shower compassion on you, yes You! Even if you have been mean, bitchy, withholding, less than your ideal self. The cringe away from that, and the inner critic, is the glue that holds it in place.

Sitting quietly, close your eyes and imagine a bucket full of compassion and appreciation sitting above your head, being very slowly tipped and pouring over you. Let it melt and soften you. Keep going until it does.

4.     Feeling disappointed and frustrated with others or with your life situation?  Letting go of expectations is key here. Bringing too many expectations to a person or event can not only set you up for disappointment, they also set a limit to what can be experienced. Instead of the spacious embrace of being fully with what is, you are busy judging and feeling let down.

It can be a set-up because you can be having unrealistic expectations, like going to a cheap restaurant and being disappointed that it isn’t a gourmet meal. Holding people to a rigid moral code so you can feel superior or right.

Letting go of expectations can feel painful initially, as if you are letting go of your true needs, but it actually brings you the opposite. Expectations are not the same as trusting your hearts desire will unfold. And you can still have boundaries and a clear No to what doesn’t work for you. 

Deliberately relax your expectations of a partner, a new date, a meal and see what happens next.

5.     Over thinking, feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Enjoy more pleasure today. Pleasure can transform you when it is fully savoured and experienced. Our mind is expanded by opening our senses, we become more open to feeling, sensing and intuiting. Savour the pleasure by breathing slowly and deeply and let it fill your whole body.

Plunge your hands into the earth. Don’t just smell the roses, become them. Bloom open as the fragrant flower. Fly with the bird, sense the wind on your wings. Eat your favourite food slowly with delight. Linger in a warm bath. Listen to your special music and really enjoy it in your body, beyond the mind. Surrender into your senses, being here and now.
Remember these 5 Ways to more love and awareness are here to do today.  Share this with your partner or a friend, or just jump in yourself.

I’d love to get your feedback.

With love

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