Are you ready for coming out of isolation?

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Woman with open arms by the lake on a background of mountains. Are you ready for coming out of isolation?

Everyone is now abuzz with the new freedoms. Some are venturing out slowly while others are bounding out to enjoy what they can, finally. There are those who don’t want the isolation to end. Are you ready for coming out of isolation?

We have been exploring a strange land, facing our fears and challenges, searching for treasure, collecting wise insights. All while being in isolation at home. Our world suddenly changed, and with it, we are changed forever. And now it is changing again, and that can be disturbing or shocking too.

What treasures are you bringing with you?

In this journey of upheaval, I have had to trust the unknown. Waiting in the dark at times, to know what vision or energy wanted to be born or reborn in myself, other people, and our world. From this crisis I emerge both more resilient and surrendered.

As you re-emerge, what is your intuitive vision for the way forward that honours you? To discover this, I am going to ask some questions and I encourage you to make time and space, get a sheet of actual paper and handwrite your answers. There is no correct way to do so. You may have crystal clear clarity. Or merely a vague hunch. You may have a nugget of treasure so tiny that you almost miss it.

Who have you become?  You are not the same person.

Perhaps you have connected with a new support system, mentors, counsellors and are in a healthy groove. Or you know you cannot continue how you were before the pandemic. Things need to change for you now. And for your world.

The Questions:

1.     What valuable treasures from isolation time do you want to bring with you?   

I believe it’s essential at this time for us all to be creative and intuitive. We have each been rapidly adjusting to a once in a century ‘black swan’ event. Let’s not just snap back to the old identities, the old ways. Systems and ideologies are shaken up and that’s a good thing. We are waking up! Let’s hold our precious treasure like one holds a newborn baby.

2.     What mattered most to you during isolation?

The enjoyment of being quieter at home, or the gratitude of having a job, even if it was more stressful. The appreciation of love and intimacy, or a fresh ability to resolve conflicts. More time with your children, realising you want a family yourself or contentment with how things are. Deepening your knowledge and life purpose, refreshing your goals, developing a meditation practise?

3.     What gems of Love and Freedom do you want to bring into your life?

Don’t feel pressured to do at once all the activities you have missed, to rush back in. Pace yourself, so as to savour and enjoy your experiences of connection and activity. Get to know that new potential lover before you dive in.  Make time to write, muse, plan ahead. Talk, or dance, about what is happening for you. Listen. Be real, be gutsy.

4.     Who have you become?

You are not the same person you were before pandemic. It is who we are being that creates what we do and what we have. What part of yourself has emerged during lockdown that you like and find valuable? It could be a younger you, a sexier you, a skill you had put aside has come back.

5.     What is your vision for the way forward?

Write down whatever comes to mind, without censoring it. Big and small, clear and vague. We are receiving messages from the universe constantly, if we know how to listen. Let our hearts lead the way forward. Let’s put our ear to the ground, to hear what the earth is saying to us.

6.     What can you embody your vision?

You don’t necessarily have to jump into the masculine mode here, it’s more of a creative next step emerging, a pathway unfolding that feels right to you. It could be as big a new business direction, or as whimsical as changing your bedroom around. Whatever you find, be happy to sit with it and roll it around on your tongue and see how it tastes. There may be resistances, but if we want a new vision, and not to snap back into the old ways, we will need to risk change.


Sensitivity to ourselves, and each other is so important right now. And what feels right for you, may not feel right to another. Let there be differences. TRUST YOURSELF.  We can look for the oneness that unites us all, beyond personality, thoughts, judgements and separation.

Nature has taken a deep breath and so have we.


P.S. If you want support and clarity to find or embody your emerging vision, please contact me for a session.

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