The Art of Loving Disagreements

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Couple close up, eye gazing. The Intimacy keys

I used to avoid disagreements but now I know the art of loving disagreements I use them as a tool of growth and self-enquiry. And I realised there is potentially a lot of passion in fighting. When I am in conflict, I notice what is going on in my body. Perhaps I am actually ‘digging in my heels’, getting ‘hot … Read More

Are you ready for coming out of isolation?

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Woman with open arms by the lake on a background of mountains. Are you ready for coming out of isolation?

Everyone is now abuzz with the new freedoms. Some are venturing out slowly while others are bounding out to enjoy what they can, finally. There are those who don’t want the isolation to end. Are you ready for coming out of isolation? We have been exploring a strange land, facing our fears and challenges, searching for treasure, collecting wise insights. … Read More

Protection and letting go

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Protection, closing off physically and emotionally, is sometimes very necessary, but mostly it causes the harm it seeks to avoid. Here I am talking about unnecessary protection that usually comes from past fears. When we are younger we are naturally open, and we may be hurt, severely disappointed or traumatised. Therefore, we conclude it’s not safe to be open as … Read More

Difficult emotions – how to handle them

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How to handle unwanted emotions

I know from my own experience that unwanted or difficult emotions can be challenging. They can make you feel out of control, off purpose or simply distressed. Do you have bursts of anger that you later regret? Or do you experience an upwelling of sadness at unexpected moments? Do you find yourself often in emotional turmoil? Perhaps you suspect that your, or your partner’s emotions, are negatively effecting … Read More

Love is a risk

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#livinglove #kissing #polarity

If Love is a risk, then why do it? What are you willing to risk for love? Love isn’t something we can control, organise, keep in a pretty box, a spreadsheet or an iphone. It isn’t anything we can rationally understand. Unconditional love will require us to let-go, over and over. Love also contributes to our sense of security but essentially love is … Read More

Men – Surf the Feminine Mystery

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Men - surf the feminine mystery. A couple interacting

The Feminine Mystery. What does that mean? And what does it mean ‘men – surf the feminine mystery’. The feminine essence is mysterious, elusive, flowing and often unpredictable. Changing from soft and calm to fiery and chaotic. She defies rational thought and lives inside the great mystery of life. She seems to slide away just when you think you have her figured out. Like the ocean. … Read More

Light and dark feelings

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Light and dark feelings Couple hugging

A multitude of books, internet sites, articles and TV shows have been created on the pursuit of happiness. And we naturally desire to be happy, it feels good! But danger lies in feeling that if we are not constantly happy there is something wrong with us, we aren’t good enough, or aware or loving enough! Light and dark feelings are … Read More