Men – Surf the Feminine Mystery

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Men - surf the feminine mystery. A couple interacting

The Feminine Mystery. What does that mean? And what does it mean ‘men – surf the feminine mystery’.

The feminine essence is mysterious, elusive, flowing and often unpredictable. Changing from soft and calm to fiery and chaotic. She defies rational thought and lives inside the great mystery of life. She seems to slide away just when you think you have her figured out. Like the ocean.

A mystery cannot be known, but it can be loved. If the Masculine essence can embrace the mystery and provide good boundaries that help her life, then she will gift him with a ring side seat to the theatre of her mystery as it unfolds.

Imagine living with an oceanic mystery of love where you don’t know what will come in the next moment! How thrilling. This can only happen if the feminine one is willing to trust her energy, her feelings, her life force itself. And if she trusts her masculine partner to reveal all of herself to him.

The feminine is a tremendously powerful force, especially when she allows her energies to be fully expressed, not as a chaotic array of weapons, but as the forces of love.

For a feminine orientated person to trust that she is in essence not the same as as the masculine, is revolutionary. Most women are conditioned to try and be like men – thinking, planning, rationalising, understanding, directing – all great qualities that she absolutely needs. But if she has predominantly feminine essence then this denies the true nature of her wild, unpredictable self. The self that can love gently or fiercely depending on what is called out from her by each moment.

Men are sometimes confused, afraid or dismissing of the feminine mystery because they do not know it, value it or understand it. If he can accept that she can’t actually be understood as he understands men, rather that she is longing to be seen, appreciated, loved and desired as the mystery that she is, then he will receive her sacred self.

She doesn’t open up to the masculine trying to figure her out, although she may appreciate his efforts, she will be unattracted to his attempts to control, define, fix, or sort-out. However if he can be present with her, deeply enjoy her as the mystery, penetrate and support her so her life becomes more relaxed, then she will shower him with devotion and reveal all the amazing colours, flavours and textures of her feminine essence and love.

Men may prefer to use their directed energy to go straight to the point of the matter but if they are around a woman gifting them with her feminine essence he gets to the point in a series of waves and surges. Learning to ‘surf’ he appreciates the journey, not just the destination. He has respect for the ocean and enjoys the ride.

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