The Art of Loving Disagreements

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Couple close up, eye gazing. The Intimacy keys

I used to avoid disagreements but now I know the art of loving disagreements I use them as a tool of growth and self-enquiry. And I realised there is potentially a lot of passion in fighting. When I am in conflict, I notice what is going on in my body. Perhaps I am actually ‘digging in my heels’, getting ‘hot … Read More

Are you ready for coming out of isolation?

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Woman with open arms by the lake on a background of mountains. Are you ready for coming out of isolation?

Everyone is now abuzz with the new freedoms. Some are venturing out slowly while others are bounding out to enjoy what they can, finally. There are those who don’t want the isolation to end. Are you ready for coming out of isolation? We have been exploring a strange land, facing our fears and challenges, searching for treasure, collecting wise insights. … Read More

Time Travel with the Masters

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photo of Cynthia Connop Time travel with the masters

My Conversations with Renowned Gurus A good activity for coronavirus isolation time for me is to be creative. My immediate workshop schedule is cancelled and all international trips are on hold. I am writing a book and find myself writing about the wisdom pressed into me by life and my personal story. I didn’t know I would soon be experiencing … Read More

Coronavirus – Couples and singles tips for lockdown

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Coronavirus - couples and singles tips for lockdown Woman writing in notebook

With the current pandemic, we have restrictions on how we live and work. With the Easter holiday starting, these Coronavirus – Couples and singles tips for lockdown or isolation will be especially helpful. FOR COUPLES If you are a couple suddenly together in isolation then you may be running into some problems. Old patterns and conflicts resurfacing, sexual issues unresolved. … Read More

Online dating tips for men

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online dating for men

These online dating tips for men will help you to express your confidence, and attract a great partner who is right for you.* Many of my single male clients are initially reluctant to try online dating. Either they have a preference for meeting women in daily life, or they have tried it in the past and given up. However, in Australia two … Read More

3 Traits of great relationships

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3 Traits of great relationships – Attraction, Alignment and Authenticity are the three essential ingredients for wonderful relationships, friendships and collaborations. Remove one of these ingredients and it just doesn’t quite work. An energetic pull that draws you together 1. Attraction is central to all our relationships. There is sexual attraction with our intimate partners, the spark of masculine and feminine … Read More

3 Love Myths revealed

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Today I want to share with you my 3 Love Myths revealed. I am regularly coming across these myths in clients and I want to reveal the truth about these myths, because they inhibit and damage relationships. MYTH #1 ”I have to love myself before anyone else will. Otherwise I will attract the wrong sort of partner or bad behaviour from … Read More