Romantic or Tantric Lover?

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Sunset couple embracing Romantic or tantric

Are you a romantic or tantric lover? Or both? Romantic love was an invention of courtly England in the 16th century when knights used it to woo the unattainable princess. It was an ideal of unrequited love that sparked minstrel serenades full of longing for the fair beloved, romantic poems and the code of chivalry. Today romance is often used … Read More

Tantric love – Sexual healing

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What is sexier? What is most loving?

Sexual healing can be transformational whether you are sexually partnered or going solo. For some people their sexuality is a free flow of pleasure and intimacy. Unfortunately, for many there are roadblocks, both physical and psychological. These blocks can have a big impact on our intimate relationships. Tantric love – sexual healing, they go together. Sexuality is a very powerful … Read More

Sexual Polarity Now

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Once you understand the basic nature of masculine and feminine essences and polarity, it is much easier to activate sexual passion and sexual polarity now.  In 30 seconds, or a little longer, you can activate your own sexual essence, alone or with a partner. This is how to amplify your essence when you only have a few minutes to do so. … Read More

Tantric Love Relationships

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I remember many years ago when I was a young woman, a friend gave me a book called ‘Tantra – Only One Sky’. It was by spiritual teacher Osho, and I stayed awake reading it all night. I was awakened by the recognition of truth in his evocation of the tantric spiritual life. it set me on a path of … Read More