6 Sex & Intimacy Tips

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6 Tips to Recharge your Sex & Intimacy

Introduction For sex and intimacy to develop we need time. Time put aside for dating, relationships and love making. And to make time in our busy lives for this, we need to value it. These 6 Sex & Intimacy Tips below will help you do that. This is especially important at this time of the year as we head into Christmas … Read More

Sexual Polarity Now

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Once you understand the basic nature of masculine and feminine essences and polarity, it is much easier to activate sexual passion and sexual polarity now.  In 30 seconds, or a little longer, you can activate your own sexual essence, alone or with a partner. This is how to amplify your essence when you only have a few minutes to do so. … Read More

Freedom is sexy

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Freedom tattoo

What is freedom? Basically it is the liberty to direct the course of our own life, to move around freely, to make our own decisions. Freedom is so valuable that we take it away as the ultimate punishment for criminals. And the experience of inner freedom is highly sought after. People who have achieved inner freedom are sexy. And powerful. We can feel … Read More

What is sexier? What is most loving?

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What is sexier? What is most loving?

What is sexier? What is most loving? What question we ask has a profound effect on our lives and relationships. Let’s take some simple and frequent interactions between a couple. Who will put out the cat? Or plan the holidays? Who will take out the dirty rubbish? Who will wash up tonight? Or if you are dating – ‘Who will pay for … Read More

How to increase your sexual essence

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In this blog I suggest ways to increase both masculine and feminine sexual essence. Connecting to your core sexual essence improves well-being, brings more harmony to your relationships and also increases sexual attraction. Here are some things you can do right now that explain how to increase your sexual essence. Let’s start with the feminine……. FEMININE sexual essence  Shakti, the divine feminine … Read More

I Love You: I Trust You

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I Love You: I Trust You is an attitude, a way of deeply giving to our partner. Understanding the different masculine and feminine essence needs and motivations makes a profound difference in how we are received by the other. Those beautiful words ‘I Love You’ make her heart flood open, penetrating through layers of feminine ‘weather’ and leaving trails of … Read More

Polarity, Sex and Self-love

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I meet a lot of people struggling with sexual and relationship issues. They may have loss of interest in sexuality or feel uneasy about meeting a partner. Sometimes they are longing for more fulfilling, amazing love-making. These problems or issues are wholly or partly caused by a lack of polarity in their relationships. This Polarity, Sex and Self-love article explores how and why this happens. … Read More