Masculine & Feminine – what goes wrong and comes right.

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Feeling unseen or unvalued?

The Living Love workshops resolve issues and problems in intimate relationships. And take us way further into deeper connection when when we understand masculine and feminine – what goes wrong and comes right. Men and women come to the Living Love workshops with different problems, goals and longings. They may have relationship issues to solve, intimacy skills to learn, curiosity … Read More

Polarity, Sex and Self-love

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I meet a lot of people struggling with sexual and relationship issues. They may have loss of interest in sexuality or feel uneasy about meeting a partner. Sometimes they are longing for more fulfilling, amazing love-making. These problems or issues are wholly or partly caused by a lack of polarity in their relationships. This Polarity, Sex and Self-love article explores how and why this happens. … Read More

Living Love from the Feminine Heart

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I daily juggle the art of living my feminine essence amidst this fast-paced life of responsibilities, plans, schedules and to-do lists. In this challenge, I am not alone. Living Love from the Feminine Heart is a lifelong transformation. Mainstream culture will have us ‘soldier on’ and ignore our feelings. This doesn’t work. Recent statistics show that women are twice as likely as men to struggle … Read More