I Love You: I Trust You

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I Love You: I Trust You is an attitude, a way of deeply giving to our partner. Understanding the different masculine and feminine essence needs and motivations makes a profound difference in how we are received by the other. Those beautiful words ‘I Love You’ make her heart flood open, penetrating through layers of feminine ‘weather’ and leaving trails of … Read More

Masculine & Feminine – what goes wrong and comes right.

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Feeling unseen or unvalued?

The Living Love workshops resolve issues and problems in intimate relationships. And take us way further into deeper connection when when we understand masculine and feminine – what goes wrong and comes right. Men and women come to the Living Love workshops with different problems, goals and longings. They may have relationship issues to solve, intimacy skills to learn, curiosity … Read More

Living Love workshops in China

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December 2015. Doing my first Living Love workshops in China is fulfilling, touching, different and inspiring. I am working in Shanghai and the participants move me with their willingness to love, grow, feel, play and express. In spite of strong cultural differences between China and Australia, I see many similarities in our masculine and feminine essences, heart desires and the protections to opening and deepening. On … Read More