Masculine & Feminine – what goes wrong and comes right.

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Feeling unseen or unvalued?

The Living Love workshops resolve issues and problems in intimate relationships. And take us way further into deeper connection when when we understand masculine and feminine – what goes wrong and comes right.

Men and women come to the Living Love workshops with different problems, goals and longings. They may have relationship issues to solve, intimacy skills to learn, curiosity (and frustrations) about the opposite essence. Understanding Masculine & Feminine and what goes wrong and comes right, is extremely helpful for all of those things.

Our personal wounding, fears and doubts, all lead to habitual contractions and heart protections. These restrict the flow of energy and love available for self and others.. These patterns and protections sadly create what we fear and this keeps us stuck in painful patterns and cycles that keeps spinning.

Those with a feminine essence often have protection and wariness from past hurts and deep disappointments in relationships. In the face of betrayal or not being loved fully they can start to think they are ‘too much’ or ‘not good enough.’ Or they become overly critical of men as a way to distance themselves and stay ‘safe’. Their partner is ‘not loving them enough’ or in the ‘right way’. They unconsciously believe that by withdrawing, not being vulnerable, or numbing their feelings, they will be safer. Actually in the context of love and intimacy vulnerability is a primary energy that draws the masculine into relationship. She always suffers from lack of love in relationship.

Those with a masculine essence can be wary of commitment, concerned about the lack of freedom in relationship. And yet there is a deep need to be met by the feminine. They may not yet be connected to the authentic depth of freedom and awareness inside themselves. Or they are not mature enough to have realised the freedom that is available within deep commitment and integrity, in responsibility. They can be living in doubt about their masculine energy and wondering how to find love and support from a great woman. Or by becoming lost in the feminine they become less trustable, even becoming a ‘pleaser’ disconnected from his own core. He can even become rejecting and dismissive, withdrawing, as a means of protection.

In the workshops the ways in which these issues. and others, are resolved is of course different for each person. And yet there are threads of understanding that are similar. When the feminine connects to her own love and beauty and values it, then she relates to the masculine from a very different place. She is sitting deeply in herself, allowing her flow of feeling and vulnerability. Anger and tears and deep yearning may be expressed, and in the workshops they are received by the men.

For many women this is very healing, to be real and to be loved and accepted by the masculine as she is. In her feminine essence, vulnerable, alive, powerful, fiercely loving. And as she experiences the masculine meeting her, encouraging her in her full flow of energy, she realises and grounds into more of who she really is.

For the masculine in the workshops he meets the trustable masculine in the other men and so gets a truer reflection of the nobility and power of his own masculine essence. He tastes the freedom in his being and how to deepen that within commitment and responsibility. From there he is able to be there more fully for the feminine, whatever she is feeling or thinking, which is what she yearns for and what brings out her devotional heart.

For him here is also the relief and delight of meeting the loving feminine heart. He is directly enlivened by her open feminine energy. Loving feedback from her gives him the right amount of challenge and direction to adjust and deepen himself. He becomes more trustable and starts getting different response from the feminine. He experiences polarity with the feminine that is wild and free, with deep integrity.

The practices, talks and sharings in the workshops are layered to allow the development of individual opening and deepening. For his and her core essence to be strengthened, and for the centre of an issue to reveal itself. A skilful balance of safety and risk provides a container that creates real shifts, and establishes a pathway for further transformation after the workshop. Problems are approached with creativity and heart to reveal love and creative intimacy.

I am grateful to have this knowing on Masculine & Feminine  – what goes wrong and comes right and to be able to share it with you.

with love


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