Heart Open and Love Flowing

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beautiful woman with her hand on her chest - Heart Open and Love Flowing

I have a photo of myself as a young child, wearing a blue corduroy pinafore made by my mother, a huge smile, eyes literally shining with eagerness. I was naturally open, as most of us are. And well cared for. I wasn’t abused, abandoned or neglected, and yet I started protecting my heart. What would it take to get my heart … Read More

Coronavirus – Couples and singles tips for lockdown

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Coronavirus - couples and singles tips for lockdown Woman writing in notebook

With the current pandemic, we have restrictions on how we live and work. With the Easter holiday starting, these Coronavirus – Couples and singles tips for lockdown or isolation will be especially helpful. FOR COUPLES If you are a couple suddenly together in isolation then you may be running into some problems. Old patterns and conflicts resurfacing, sexual issues unresolved. … Read More

Tantric love – Sexual healing

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What is sexier? What is most loving?

Sexual healing can be transformational whether you are sexually partnered or going solo. For some people their sexuality is a free flow of pleasure and intimacy. Unfortunately, for many there are roadblocks, both physical and psychological. These blocks can have a big impact on our intimate relationships. Tantric love – sexual healing, they go together. Sexuality is a very powerful … Read More

Sexual Polarity Now

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Once you understand the basic nature of masculine and feminine essences and polarity, it is much easier to activate sexual passion and sexual polarity now.  In 30 seconds, or a little longer, you can activate your own sexual essence, alone or with a partner. This is how to amplify your essence when you only have a few minutes to do so. … Read More

5 signs of reverse polarity

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Couple - Tips for Couples

Reverse polarity can wreck your love life. It is often hard to recognise as a cause of relational stress. This is because it can look like the usual conflicts and problems caused by different personality or attachment styles. However, once you recognise it, then you can do something about it.  5 signs of reverse polarity in a relationship or dating are: 1.     Constantly feeling … Read More

3 Traits of great relationships

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3 Traits of great relationships – Attraction, Alignment and Authenticity are the three essential ingredients for wonderful relationships, friendships and collaborations. Remove one of these ingredients and it just doesn’t quite work. An energetic pull that draws you together 1. Attraction is central to all our relationships. There is sexual attraction with our intimate partners, the spark of masculine and feminine … Read More

Feeling unseen or unvalued?

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Feeling unseen or unvalued?

Recently I did my first Facebook live video and it went very well!  The main thing, as always, is getting started. One lovely comment was “It was like watching you in circle…confident, feminine and open….beautiful”,  so that’s awesome feedback. Especially as a problem I had before doing my initial work on essence and polarity, (almost twenty years ago with the brilliant David Deida), was feeling unseen! Are … Read More

3 Love Myths revealed

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Today I want to share with you my 3 Love Myths revealed. I am regularly coming across these myths in clients and I want to reveal the truth about these myths, because they inhibit and damage relationships. MYTH #1 ”I have to love myself before anyone else will. Otherwise I will attract the wrong sort of partner or bad behaviour from … Read More