5 signs of reverse polarity

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Reverse polarity can wreck your love life.

It is often hard to recognise as a cause of relational stress. This is because it can look like the usual conflicts and problems caused by different personality or attachment styles. However, once you recognise it, then you can do something about it.

 5 signs of reverse polarity in a relationship or dating are:

1.     Constantly feeling frustrated and resentful towards your partner or dating partners. They ‘should’ be different.

2.     You feel burdened or oppressed, unappreciated, and not free to be yourself.

3.     You are doubting the relationship and being attracted elsewhere, even though you deeply love each other.

4.     You are dating men or women that leave you disinterested and unexcited.

5.     Sex is non-existent or minimal and feels functional or even boring.

What is reverse polarity?

bd8f0707e639ea9511252825615e58f9Reverse polarity happens when the natural polarity between masculine and feminine becomes reversed. He takes more of the She role than is natural to him, and She takes more of the He role than is natural to her.

This is not the same as when He is exploring or expressing his feminine side, or She is developing and enjoying her masculine side. Reverse polarity occurs when this has tipped over into a situation where one is occupying the space of the other essence. Therefore, the polarity has become unconsciously reversed. The magnets are repelling each other, not attracting.

Between a man and a woman who are naturally mostly masculine and feminine essence, when the polarity becomes reversed the woman becomes the one who is the most directive, focused, protecting, financially supporting, stable, responsible, mission orientated, calling the shots. The man becomes the one who is more receptive, emotional, going with the flow, focused on relationships and feelings, and even self-doubting.

The woman will then be busy prodding him into action, as he seems slow to move or to be responsible or to grow. He will be wanting her to slow down, relax, leave him alone. While he is feeling increasingly less purposeful, she will be more ambitious and anxious. Their love starts to be clouded by this feeling that something isn’t right.

They are not living their natural essence in the relationship. If they were happy to naturally occupy these energies there would be polarity, not reverse polarity. Reverse polarity can wreck your love life.

What causes reverse polarity?

1.     Inequality in income over time, where She earns considerably more and therefore feels she has more authority over how their money is spent.

2.     He is being the house-husband and minding the children full-time, but not because that is his gift or he wants to.

3.     He is financially looked after by his busy and over-worked partner while he pursues his creative dreams.

4.     He loses his job and is unemployed for too long, or has career failures that break him, or a prolonged illness and She picks up the slack.

5.     Lack of understanding of the differences between masculine and feminine, so drifting out of polarity or continually taking the other’s space.

6.     He is continually trying to please Her, or to keep the peace he denies his own needs and masculine energy.

7.     She is scared to let go into her feelings and embodied flow.

8.     Previous trauma or wounding creates protection, which shows up in this way.

How to end reverse polarity and regain polarity:

1.     He gives his direction into the relationship.

2.     She steps back more energetically so He can step up more.

3.     He takes equal or more responsibility for the finances. (If he is not as capable they may decide for her to do it.)

4.     She takes more time for herself and to be embodied and feeling.

5.     He spends more time with trustable men.

6.     She stops taking responsibility for Him and trusts him to get on with it himself or suffer the consequences.

7.     He initiates more scheduling, time keeping, planning, date nights, where and when to meet.

8.     She practices receptivity and stops doing the work in the relationship for both of them.

It may be uncomfortable

Man kissing womanIt can be challenging to change a reverse polarity as there will be reasons why you have occupied the other space. It may be uncomfortable to admit what’s happening. However, the rewards are great when the natural polarity is restored as She will finally relax, and He will feel his purpose.

If you are dating you will be able to bring out the opposite essence of the other. You will also attract different people.

You will feel authentic, aligned and happier and have the sexual polarity that makes for a wonderful loving union.

With love and appreciation,


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