Feeling unseen or unvalued?

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Feeling unseen or unvalued?

Recently I did my first Facebook live video and it went very well!  The main thing, as always, is getting started. One lovely comment was “It was like watching you in circle…confident, feminine and open….beautiful”,  so that’s awesome feedback. Especially as a problem I had before doing my initial work on essence and polarity, (almost twenty years ago with the brilliant David Deida), was feeling unseen! Are you feeling unseen or unvaluedthumb_IMG_2895_1024?

If so you are not alone as many people who come to my Living Love workshops and sessions feel unseen or unvalued for the man or woman they truly are. Whether single or partnered this can be painful to experience, and we start protecting ourselves around it, pretending we don’t really care. 

For a man, if he is feeling undervalued, or not honoured as a man, it is often reflecting his attitude to himself. He may have been heavily critiqued by previous partners or a parent, and feel diminished and not trusting his core strength.

He may even doubt his masculinity, although he is a very trustable and caring man. Past painful experiences led him to shrink and his presence is reduced. Women respond to present, confident men.

For a woman,she may feel she is invisible, or even seen only for her inner beauty, not for her whole self. Why is this? Usually it is because the woman doesn’t really show herself, she is hiding or diminishing her love-light.

Feeling unseen or unloved?She is waiting for the right time or the right person before she risks opening. Often she expects others to see through her fears and protections and discover who she really is.

And while this may happen in fairy tales, romantic movies or books, in real life it’s rare. More common is this woman is overlooked in favour of others who are more open and willing to be seen.

If we want to create more love in our lives we need to practise and work to reveal ourselves authentically.

Our fears are there for sure and need to be acknowledged and appreciated along the path.  Don’t wait to be discovered!

Give the gift of you fully. Now.

Appreciating you with love and trust,


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