Living Love from the Feminine Heart

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I daily juggle the art of living my feminine essence amidst this fast-paced life of responsibilities, plans, schedules and to-do lists. In this challenge, I am not alone. Living Love from the Feminine Heart is a lifelong transformation.

Mainstream culture will have us ‘soldier on’ and ignore our feelings. This doesn’t work. Recent statistics show that women are twice as likely as men to struggle with depression. I feel that a large factor behind this is that we do not value a woman’s ability to feel and not just think. Rationality is wonderful but it will not produce children, devotional love, creativity and intuitive knowing.

Life is creative and when we do what we love, and align our lives with our feminine heart vision, we have enormous energy and power. A river of creativity and feminine essence leads into creating and living a passionate life.

As women we do need to use our masculine energy to decide on goals and act on them, but we also need time to sit and muse, to dream, to dance, create and enjoy. This feeds the essence of woman, which can truly delight the world. And when we do this, the universe conspires to assist our dreams without us pushing and struggling. Effort is needed to create but this can be highly enjoyable.

The feminine in all of us – women and men – embraces the fullness of life and is loving, flowing, chaotic, alive, creative, devotional, earthy and inspiring. Can you feel or imagine the pleasure of tapping into your unique feminine essence and making magic happen in your life?

In my workshops for women, and in my own life, I see that we are deeply nurtured and enlivened by expressing our creativity. Whether it is writing a book, or choosing the right words for a birthday card. And we are especially happy when we are creating something that serves others – be it delicious meals for loved ones, or heading up an international philanthropic organizationn.

Our culture still predominantly rewards the masculine – the accolades and the big money are not given to nurturing child-care workers, who may not find a cure for cancer, but they make a child’s day a happy one. The feminist movement made substantial gains for women, and there are still barriers to equality to be overcome. But there is an ®evolution taking place, the loving, radiant, feminine essence of women needs to be honoured and cultivated.  It is vital that we embody and express our feminine qualities of caring, untamed wildness, healing, intuition, connectedness and creativity. Many women are exhausted and sick from pushing themselves to achieve, work and live as men do. The feminine body may not be made to plan, direct, challenge and lead. It doesn’t mean we can’t do those things really well, but if we do it exclusively we can become imbalanced or unhappy and miss the gifts and joys of being a woman.

Its time to stand up (or lie down, on that velvet couch), and fully be the woman we long to be – to honor our creativity, love and inspiring craziness, to live our lives from our feminine essence. This means firstly being receptive to our heart’s longings, feeling for what we want beyond survival or ego gratification, and then allowing it to be magnetized to us, to manifest in our lives. To create involves both doing and receiving.

But how do we discover our heart longings amidst our busy schedules, full workloads, caring for young children or aging parents? The most direct way is by allowing ourselves to truly feel, to inhabit the feeling realm of life, from which we can know what is deeply right for us, even if it makes no sense, is negated by the circumstances of your life and looks impossible.

Finding that trust in your heart may mean questioning the conditioned ideas we have taken on from our family and culture. Whose goals and values are we living out? Do they serve me and others right now? What is the real passion moving through me intuitively that attracts me, excites me and gives me the energy to overcome obstacles?

In my Living Love for Women workshops women connect to the depth of love in their heart and its expression through the body and in life. I help each woman move through any blocks and protections in the way of her uniquely passionate life dream. We create a culture of recognition and encouragement of the Feminine that is rare in our ‘neutral’ culture. In the company of openhearted women you are both accepted, nourished and inspired. I am always amazed at how perceptive and brilliant women are at supporting each other in being all they can be in life – and having fun in the process! A circle of women also can speed up the manifestation of a dream. The combined power of feminine life energy creates a synergy, a magical expansion.

The gifts of women are so alive and so ready to flow into the world, yet many of us are still hiding in the pain of unworthiness or fear of ‘not being good enough’, or of being ‘too much’. When we can see our beautiful selves reflected in the hearts of other women our light shines more brightly, false modesty drops away, and we are able to be fully magnificent.

As we come closer to our heart’s true longing to Live Love in service to our relationships, work and creativity we also start feeling more. As our layers of protection drop away we feel the bliss of expansion into Love’s true capacity.  And this opening often means feeling more of our past pains and hurts that have been buried. Whether we are new to this exploration or have done many years of growth work, it’s unavoidable that these buried feelings will gradually surface as you open as Love. They need to be felt and accepted, and will resolve as you move forward in attraction to what you Love and live the Love you already are.

Many women are confused about how to balance the demands of career and finances with their Feminine energy. When we use our masculine gifts in service to our feminine heart then a right alignment takes place. We trust our intuition, we care, we ask for support when we need it and let it in. We reach out for emotional connection when we feel alone. We align to Love beyond our changing moods, and re-align when we get lost.  We know ourselves as the ocean, deeper than the surface waves of our stress and emotions. We know ourselves as the Divine Feminine, as the source of life, a potent magical force. We don’t need to be perfect either, or not make mistakes, because life isn’t like that!

The Feminine is love and light. The shine of the world. One way many women are engaged in this light is through the art of adornment. More or less, we play with make-up, fashion, hair styling, body decoration. The art of adornment has become a commercial commodity and subject to manipulation but it has its roots in feminine spirituality, an enhancement of our love light. Changing the outer can help or even begin an inner transformation. You may wish to experiment with this by going to your wardrobe and finding that special something you just never wear, and wear it today, for ten minutes or ten hours. How do you feel in it?  Do you feel just a little more possibility of fulfilling your heart’s creative destiny? Of living passionately as the Feminine essence you already are?

Light also casts a shadow and as we evolve and open we are integrating our shadow aspects into light.  We do at times feel depressed, discouraged, jealous, protective, bitchy, selfish, revengeful and this needs to be recognized and accepted, and integrated into the  higher self and its gifts of love. Awareness, compassion, appreciation, humour all help us relax around our contractions and fears. When we bring these painful  feelings to ourselves and to others with humility and awareness they open doors of the heart long rusted closed. Accepting our ‘darker’ shadowy feminine aspects will release a lot of energy we can use for good.

How are you Living Love in your life right now? Many women have achieved great success in the  world with careers and wealth but feel that’s something is missing, they are often exhausted and wondering what its all for. Others have devoted themselves to relationships, children, or spiritual paths and are feeling frustrated that they haven’t found their full expression in the world, they know they somehow aren’t fulfilling their potential.  Look into your heart, and see what you have given up on, and why. When you have the answer, then see if you would like to re-choose it for your life. It may be a lost dream from childhood that holds the key to your unique creative path. It may be an expansion of an already amazing life, or simply enrolling in that dance class you are attracted to, choosing to forgive your ex, putting flowers in your hair, changing the world through your art. Think big and delight in the moment.

This emergence of the New Feminine in touch with her full self-expression, not afraid to love,  giving from fullness, surrendering, receiving and honoring the Masculine, is the way of the future. Its very personal and also cultural.  She is awakening and has many gifts to give. She can co-create a world that is excited about Living Love.

with love


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