How to increase your sexual essence

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In this blog I suggest ways to increase both masculine and feminine sexual essence. Connecting to your core sexual essence improves well-being, brings more harmony to your relationships and also increases sexual attraction.

Here are some things you can do right now that explain how to increase your sexual essence. Let’s start with the feminine…….

FEMININE sexual essence feminine sexual essence

Shakti, the divine feminine creative power is in constant motion, flowing and ever-changing.

Get moving to get in touch with your feminine energy.  Not the boot camp style but dance, gentle yoga, any activity that keeps you moving, feeling and flowing. Also letting your feelings flow and move through you without judgement.

Feminine sexual essence increase when with other women

Spend time with loving women friends to increase your feminine essence. In person is absolutely the best but even online meetups are helpful. If you don’t have these friends yet then start to nourish a connection with a woman where you are drawn to her feminine essence.

Take a feminine mini-break. Directly after a work session of focusing and decision making take a mini-break to connect back with your feminine self. Go outside and smell the flowers or loll about on the earth. Or create a snack by using your senses. Smell and feel the lime as you squeeze it on fresh papaya. Savour the taste, lick your sticky fingers…..

adorn your sexual essenceDress up anyway even if it’s to go to the market. Choose the colour, style and shape that is you today. Adorning the light that you are.  Consider this tantric quote  ‘Woman is the creator of the universe, the universe is her form; woman is the foundation of the world, she is the true form of the body. There is no jewel rarer than woman.’

Take a no-plan time. You may choose to do a lot of things in this time, but not according to a list or a plan, but by completely following your energy in your flow. This is so restorative to the feminine essence.

Or you may need more masculine structure in your life so you can really feel relaxed, so make structure for your days or find someone who can help you.

Polarity of sexual essenceMaking love through the body. Love making with a trustable partner that is truly ‘creating love’ allows you to fully shine and glow with love-light.  The beautiful surrender and love-shine you experience and emanate is beyond words.

Deepening your feminine essence is not reliant on having a partner, although it helps. The good news is the more you do it yourself you will more likely attract one.

MASCULINE sexual essence

Shiva, the divine masculine power is the stillness, the non-changing awareness in everything. Here are some effective ways to increase your raw masculine energy.
Spending time just with the guys. Being together the masculine energy rubs off. Hanging out with authentic men who have the courage to be vulnerable lights the masculine fire. You will develop a hunger for this space to be men alone.

Masculine sexual essenceChallenge yourself physically. An intense workout that takes you to your edge will quickly activate your masculine essence. Stress reduces, sweat increases and so does your testosterone.

Go for your goals. You don’t have to win to succeed, because just taking on challenges ups your masculine essence

Change your posture – for 20 seconds breathe deep into the belly, straighten your shoulders and widen your stance, relax your jaw and soften your organs. Expand to occupy more space with your presence and love. A confident posture creates inner confidence. Mastery means doing it fully, but with less effort.

Increasing the amount of challenge Masculine sexual essenceyou can handle over time will give you more focus, purpose, sexual energy and social impact.

This means unplugging from the thoughts that clutter your mind, going deeper through meditation or mindfulness practices. Focusing on living your deep life purpose as a daily compass.

If your masculine energy is too rigid you may need to let go of your intense focus for a time and allows yourself to soften and deepen into your core.

All of these are effective if you do them. You can pick those that attract you to do and try them out, check out if it works for you as well as it has for myself and many, many others. And this is the tip of the iceberg with the practices available.

Appreciating you,

with love


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