Divine Masculine & Feminine

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Divine Masculine and feminine Couple in a healing embrace

(Artwork by Ines Honfi  http://www.ineshonfi.com)

You may have heard people in the tantra and relationship space speaking of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, or invoking visions of Gods and Goddesses, and wondered about their true meaning. And how does this relate to us today, doing our best to love and connect in the midst of life’s challenges?

Many of us have a vague understanding of ancient tales and mythical realms, like the gods and goddesses from Greek and Roman mythology, such as Apollo, Dionysius, Aphrodite, and Diana. Or the Hindu archetypes of Shiva and Shakti. However the terms Divine Masculine and Feminine encompass more than these references.

When I speak of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, I call you to a realm beyond religion and myth. It is an invitation to explore the spiritual ideals of masculine and feminine energies, alive within you right now!

The Divine Masculine represents the archetype of the noble masculine. He embodies consciousness, awareness, wisdom, freedom, and the mastery of self. His essence transcends the petty demands of ego and opens his eyes to the vastness of existence. He resides in ‘nothingness’ and has a penetrative energy.

On the other hand, the Divine Feminine reveals herself as a cosmic embodiment of boundless love. She births and destroys, holds the divine mother archetype and many other forms of the feminine. She flows with sensual grace and can be utterly fierce too. Her essence surpasses the limitations of the small self, manifesting divine radiance and creativity. She resides in ‘fullness’ and has a receptive energy.

By recognizing the divine aspects within ourselves, and our beloveds, we unlock a path of transformation and growth. We can encourage and cultivate these qualities, both within ourselves and also nurture them in others, creating a beautiful and profound connection.

In this realm, the ordinary and the extraordinary are entwined, the human and the sacred. It is a journey of discovery, where the divine whispers secrets of love and possibility, unveiling the beauty and strength hidden within us all.

We see what we look for, so next time you see yourself as flawed, remember you also carry the divine within you. It is helpful to orient towards this, while embracing all of our human emotions too. If we can locate divine feminine Love and masculine divine Awareness within ourselves and others, it helps us to make better choices that will benefit ourselves and all beings. The you are Love. And then you are Awareness.

Check in with yourself and see how much of the divine masculine or feminine is coming through you? Do what you can to expand: breathe, move, meditate, feel, open your heart, rest in peace, bring presence…

When you are annoyed by your date or your partner’s faults or habits, focus instead on the divine aspect in them. See that they are Love, they are Awareness, maybe it’s just a little buried right now.  When we see and appreciate this it grows stronger. Each time we practice and choose more love and awareness we embody more of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. They go hand in hand with our humanity.

This is not some ideal to beat ourselves up with, or to judge others by. It’s not about what we wear or how we project ourselves. The Divine Feminine and Masculine is a north star to orient ourselves towards. And a way of seeing that brings spirit into our lives every day.

with love


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