Essential Masculine & Feminine Part 2

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couple in water. Essential Masculine & feminine Part 2

In my last blog Essential Masculine & Feminine Part 1 I explained the qualities of each essence and how the differences can work to create attraction and spark. In this Part 2 I suggest practical ways to increase masculine and feminine sexual essence. Whether you are single or in a relationship you can improve your well-being, relationships and sexual polarity.

Let’s make it a fun game. If you want more flow, fullness and feeling in yourself and your life, choose feminine. If you want more direction, clarity and nothingness choose masculine. Do one of these each day this next week and don’t progress until you tick that one off! 

It can be done in as little as 10 mins a day. Let’s start with the feminine…….

FEMININE sexual essence

Shakti, the divine feminine creative power is in constant motion, flowing and ever-changing.

  1. Get moving to get in touch with your feminine energy. Not structured exercise but dance, or gentle yoga, play, any activity that keeps you moving, feeling, and flowing. Let go, breathe, and surrender to what moves in you, moment to moment. Tick!
  2. Spend time with loving women friendsto increase your feminine essence.Meet or call up a feminine friend and commune with her, merging your energies, no plan. If you don’t have these friends yet, then nourish a connection with a woman where you are drawn to her feminine essence.  Tick!
  3. Take a feminine mini-break.Directly after a work session of focusing take a short break to connect back with your feminine self. Go outside and smell the flowers or loll about on the earth. Or create a snack by using your senses. Smell and feel the lime as you squeeze it on fresh papaya… Tick!
  4. Dress up anywayeven if it’s to go to the supermarket. Choose the colour, style and shape that is you today. Adorning the light that you   Consider this tantric quote ‘Woman is the creator of the universe, the universe is her form; woman is the foundation of the world, she is the true form of the body. There is no jewel rarer than woman.’  Tick!
  5. Take a no-plan time.You may choose to do a lot of things in this time, but not according to a list or a plan, but by completely following your energy in your flow. This is so restorative to the feminine essence. Tick!
  6. Moving pleasure through your body. Take time and let pleasure ripple through your body, whether that is while eating chocolate or having an orgasm. Make it a whole body experience. Tick!
  7. Dedicate your day to whatever matter most to you, from your devotional heart. Live your day in service to that devotion. Tick!

MASCULINE sexual essence

Shiva, the divine masculine power is the stillness, the non-changing awareness in everything.

Here are some effective ways to increase your masculine energy. Do one of these each day and don’t progress until you tick that one off! It could be done in as little as 10 mins a day.

  1. Spending time with the guys. Hanging out with authentic men who have the courage to be vulnerable lights the masculine fire. Meet or call up a masculine friend and make a plan. Tick!
  2. Challenge yourself physically. Do a quick workout that takes you to your edge and this will activate your masculine essence. Pushing your limits but not beyond them. Your stress reduces, sweat increases and so does your testosterone. Push-ups anyone? Tick!
  3. Go for your goals. Setting goals and taking on challenges ups your masculine essence. Write down 10 goals and where you are up to with each one of them. Then pick your top 3 that align most with your purpose, to focus your priorities today. Tick!
  4. Ajust your posture. A relaxed, aware posture creates inner confidence and strength. For 20 seconds breathe deep into the belly, then drop your shoulder blades down you back. Then relax your jaw and soften the front of your body and your organs. Expand to occupy more space with your presence. Do as needed. Tick!
  5. Meditate. Use any method to unplug from the thoughts that clutter your mind, going deeper through meditation or mindfulness practices. Coming to stillness, tasting nothingness. Tick!
  6. Increasing humour in your life will give you more detachment, energy and social impact. Lighten up yourself and others by sharing something funny and also loving. Tick!
  7. Honour your word. Catch up and fulfill any promises you have made, or people you said you would call. Do what you can today and plan the rest. Tick!

Dive in and I’d love to hear how this week of essence works for you.

with love


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