In this time of global upheaval and change, the feminine essence is needed more than ever. It is time to connect with our own source of nourishment – the wild woman who is free in her heart, her spirit and her body.  Wild Radiance – Online Course for Women was our first zoom course and it has been a wild success.

Wild Radiance -shamanic woman beats drum

WILD RADIANCE – online course for women

LIVE with Cynthia Connop, founder of Living Love

6-weeks for 2 hours a week.

Coming closer to this wild, radiant divine feminine is relevant both personally and collectively. To embody her balance of both power and vulnerability, embracing the light and shade of life. To let go of fear and perfection. To open your loving heart to give and receive in relationship and to tap the well of your abundant creativity.

To do this we need guidance and encouragement. And ways to gently release old habits of self-doubt, sabotage and compromise that dull the feminine shakti, your radiant, powerful life force. With deep compassion, we will liberate the feminine essence and work on anything that is in the way.

Wild Radiance – Online Course for Women is a global online zoom course running live for two hours over six weeks. Each weekly session will be a coming together in a deeply held space. Cynthia Connop has been leading workshops for over twenty years in Australia and internationally. She is renowned for her heartfelt, playful and wise facilitation.

This online course will offer LIVE talks from Cynthia, a feminine movement practice, facilitated sharing, deep guided meditation and a dynamic Q & A.

Wild radiance - online course for women July 2020Through every cycle of her life, a woman is enriched by connection to her authentic passion, her feelings and her intuitive wisdom. Wild radiance is open to women of all ages.

What participants from London, Cyprus, Beijing, Sydney have to say about the current Wild Radiance course, ending August 16:

So powerful.”  “I am really loving your course. I do see the difference in me. I feel softer and sexy.
“Thank you for a wonderful session. It was beautiful.“It’s amazing when you really hear me… touched!”
Cynthia, I really enjoyed all the conversation you created. I acknowledge you being the clearing for women to live love in life.” 

“I deeply enjoyed the movement practice, it helps me feel my feminine essence.”  “I much appreciate these LIVE sessions.”

“It’s an amazing journey to deep dig into your radiance and awaken your awareness with accepting everything there with no judgements. Thanks for this opportunity Cynthia. It’s great that you have brought fantastic women together from all around the world. We may be all at different locations but the energy and vibe is one.”  Gulsen, Cyprus

wild radiance - online Course for women woman with sunflower

“Beautiful, Cynthia! I’m pleased you have taken your work online! For those who may not have experienced Cynthia, after many years of working with her I can attest that her work is exciting and nurturing, playful yet deep, accepting and encouraging of all flavours of the feminine. There is nothing so empowering – and comforting – than to experience our unique natural beauty and gifts of sexual and sensual love. Thank you, Cynthia.”  Cindee Pascoe

And what past participants have to say about Cynthia’s work with women:

“Loving this weekly group!! I fully trust Cynthia with my most vulnerable self. I feel seen and liberated in a real and integrated way.” Angela Standley, marketing consultant

“Something has shifted within me from feeling defeated and depleted to a place of refilling with the feminine flow and loving my essence and authenticity. I feel lighter and brighter!” Karen Moser, nurse

“What a delicious journey to hidden parts of my feminine soul and back. Breathtaking, challenging and nourishing.” Nicola Henderson, consultant

“A magnificent way to open to love in my life” Sarah, admin

wild radiance - online Course for women woman in ecstasy

“It was just so soul nourishing, inspiring, fun and growth enhancing” Michelle, artist

“Totally opening, juicy, liberating. A place to really BE myself.” Lavinia, social worker

“It’s fun, its nurturing at all levels. Gentle, clear, really human facilitation. A safe creative circle.” Emily Coleing, yoga teacher

“A coming together and a deep remembering of who I really am in my fullness – fun – insightful, rich in new understanding.” Ankya Klay, photographer

“I’ve had chronic hip pain for 5 months now. To my surprise, I have very little pain today. All this is a result of moving stagnant energy out of my body in the workshop and intentionally raising my level of ecstatic energy. Less pain… AND increased sexy romance…. a surge of connection back to who I really am (powerful and delicious).” Jane, consultant

Cynthia Connop - WILD RADIANCE - online Course for Women

Cynthia Connop

“The nurturing while I cried my fears, guilt and disappointment was very healing.  It is such a welcome and full addition to my ageing journey.” Rosie Kaplan, artist

“Cynthia is a gifted, gentle and powerful facilitator. I love journeying with her.”  Kylie, entrepreneur

“I have experienced a great expansion of the different aspects of my feminine essence, which provided me with a vast opening of myself, not only in relation to others but also in relation to life! I highly recommend the delightful adventure to learn deeper about ourselves in a safe circle of women!”  Carolina Pagotto, therapist

WILD RADIANCE (in English)

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