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Create: Bring(something) into existence.  Cause (something) to happen as a result of one’s actions. This article Expand your Creative Potential explores how this is for everyone.

Creativity is natural – we are constantly creating something – a meal, a job, a project, an evening out. Creativity is not just about art or music, its about our desire to bring things into existence. Its about feeling that wonderful sense of purpose, potential, focus, synchronicity and flow.

Creativity is a strength, and innovative minds are highly sought after in business and the arts.

Creative activity is also an antidote to some mental illness as it stimulates the frontal cortex of the brain, which is what helps counteract depression and anxiety. So if you are feeling blue or worried try doing something creative you enjoy, even doodling, writing in a journal or knitting will bring results.

As children we are curious and open, and its ok not to ‘know’,  ok to discover and explore the world around us. As we grow up its easy to lose that ability and grow cautious, self-doubting and even feel discouraged and disappointed. Our creative ability suffers and we begin to feel powerless or blocked or just losing our ‘mojo’.

To live a fully creative life we need to be courageous. It is a risk to offer our unique gifts in the world – projects or businesses can flop, we can make others jealous, family may be unsupportive, our finances uncertain. But most of all we need the courage to look at how we are holding ourselves back and not blame others or the circumstances.

We all know that feeling of being turned-on, tuned in and very alive. Doing what we love and receiving recognition and rewards. If only we could always feel that way! In reality life is constantly in creation and so are we. We create  jobs and relationships and art and sport, the list is endless….. Some things are easy to create and others we personally have difficulty manifesting. Why? Is it factors of upbringing, timing and ability? These are factors but even more important is our conditioning and beliefs that prevent us having and creating our heart goals. We may be great initiators and then have a pattern of self sabotage or critiquing our ideas before they can get a chance to grow, or self-doubt stops us getting off the starting block.

One thing I have observed over years, especially when I was making films, is that the creative pathways are as unique as there are people. One writer will work all day in office hours (usually men), while another will dream and muse and write in a café (usually women). There are masculine and feminine aspects to creativity and creating and each of us need to use different combinations of both these energies. The masculine moves outwards to create in a dynamic way while the feminine receives and magnetises the creation. Moving between these two essences at different stages of creating is helpful. Our culture emphasises the masculine dynamic methods and is ignoring the feminine receptive, intuitive, magical aspects of creating.

Creativity is like opening a window so the breeze can come in, or a bird. Creativity happens more easily when the mind is open and free of self-criticism. First we have to open the window, then allow what inspiration comes in. Discernment comes later in the creative process.

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