Love or fear? Where are you?

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Love or fear? - Living Love

In the Living Love workshops we have practices that help people feel and acknowledge if they are opening in love or closing in fear, without judgement. Wow! This is simple but powerful as often we don’t realise if we are open or closed. This is especially true if we are habitually in protection mode.

From the openness of love we create deep connections, a powerful heart purpose, a better world. Fear creates self doubt, inertia, insecurity, conflict and loss of love. Ultimately we want to think, feel and act openly, from the heart.

Here are some practical, real suggestions that help us transform fear into love, creating better relationships, and more authentic heart goals.

Love or fear? – Living Love

The primary method to transform fear into love is to come into your body, deepen your breath, open your heart, and feel.

  1. Admitting our fear is a first step and a direct route to love. Understanding that when we are anxious, our breathing is shallow, we are tense in the stomach or jaw, isolating from others, being addictive – this is fear. Embrace it, confess it. This is the truth in that moment and we are generating that fear. No judgement.
  2. Noticing our breath, relax it, not trying to deepen it, just letting it slowly drop into the body, our shoulders relax and fall down… a sigh may come. Nothing forced or hard. The action is to stop making effort rather than add more!
  3. Bringing attention to the front of your body, is it soft or rigid, are you open here or protected? Allowing a softening to occur using breath and intention.This is life-changing.
  4. Grounding into your body by bringing awareness to your hips and pelvis, legs, and feet. The lower body has a lot of power in it and mostly we are comfortable with the upper body energies but the lower body energies are suppressed. Activating them with love and awareness is awesome.
  5. If you are with somebody make easy eye contact, practicing all of the above. Soft breath, open front, grounding down, and feel their heart with your heart. Most of our fear of others is a mind projection from past patterning – coming into  the now in this way creates a possibility of love. Of course if they are about to harm you, leave the situation immediately.
  6. Once the fear recedes you have a choice to open to the oneness that unites us all, and to feel the love that pervades all. If with another person, then you will experience One Love in Two Bodies. Action is then spontaneous, caring, blooming open the love that is in everything.

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