17 Ways to open thru fear and express love

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17 ways to open thru fear into love

Here are 17 Ways to open thru fear and express love. They are here to dip into and they are truly transformational. Be gentle in your approach, try one at a time and see the results.


1. Praise three people for who they are. It’s worth the effort when you feel what happens in you and the other. Notice if any stinginess or embarrassment comes up and breathe through it.

2. Risk opening through your fear and express your love. There may be an impulse to offer love or presence, and then fear comes in and we pull back. Breathe, trust your higher self and act. Make a surprise for your beloved, do a kind act for a stranger, listen to a disturbed friend, let someone give to you, sing your heart out on the street, start that cool project. Endless possibilities arise. Big and small.

3. Live as if it was your last day alive and embrace what you most dislike or resist as part of existence. Why? because they are a trap limiting your creative power and fully given love gifts.


4. Nature is all around you. If you are in the city look for the wildness in the weeds that push through the pavements. It’s a force, as is the heart of the feminine. She is nature.

5. Notice who you being right now and shower yourself with compassion. Even if that’s a mean, cruel, bitchy self? Yes. The cringe away is the glue that holds it in place. Feel the cringe fully. Breathe. Feel who you are being, breathe, open to knowing this is not the true you. Feel remorse, make amends, breathe.

6. Revel in this raw, gritty and imperfect life. It’s what we’ve got. Plunge your hands into the earth, raise a sweat on your body, laugh or cry loudly. Welcome your failures and wounds as part of this messy human realm. In the words of Leonard Cohen  ‘There is a crack in everything, That’s how the light gets in’.

7. Take time to enjoy a subtle pleasure and let it expand your mind. Pleasure is a good thing when fully savoured and experienced. Our mind is expanded by sensuality, becomes more open to feeling, sensing and intuiting. Savour the pleasure with your breathing and experience it fully in your body.

8. Don’t just smell the roses, become them. Enter their existence, bloom open as the fragrant flower. Fly with the bird, sense the wind on your wings. Look through the eyes of the person near you, what do they see?

9. Risk speaking your truth to serve Love. Authenticity gives another person a way to be intimate with you. Honesty for it’s own sake can be an egoic need, and actually be harmful to others. ‘Confession’ is a delicious revealing of vulnerability.

10. Breathe fully and expand your sense of self to include the whole of your environment, in your heart. This may be the room you are in, the house, the field, the town or city, the country, the world, the universe. Events are occurring in you.

11. Listen to and act on Love’s wisdom, the fruit of your deepest life experience. Wisdom is the combination of knowing and acting, so to be wise we must give our deepest feminine and masculine wisdom gifts, from the essence of Love & Freedom. If you hold back on this, why?

12. Give someone the gift of your love. We are all precious. Beloved, friend, stranger. When least expected, to be the recipient of someone’s kind and loving attention is transformative. People report that one encounter with a loving human being changed their life. They knew in that moment that life was essentially good. That could be you.

13. Look into what you put into the space between yourself and another – is it judgements, criticism and fear? Or love, appreciation and curiosity? We are mostly unaware of the invisible barriers we put up and wonder why we don’t feel loved, respected, trusted, honoured. Feel into the space in and all around your physical body, breathe slowly, and let this ‘wall’ soften and relax. See who is really on the other side of this wall, feel their aliveness.

14. To choose love over fear reveal your soft inner self to another – it inspires them to do the same and opens up a warm fertile space between you.

15. Explore what happens if you let go of expectations and magnify love instead. Expectations set a limit to what can be experienced instead of the spacious embrace of being fully with, breathing into and opening our hearts to what is. This can feel painful initially, like we are letting go of our true needs but it actually brings the opposite. Expectations are not the same as trusting our hearts desire.

16. If you have been overdoing it in your life, try less ‘doing’ and more ‘being‘. Meditation, heart connection, or sensual joy and pleasure – what do you need to feel more alive?

17. Dedicate any challenging activity or spiritual practice (sadhana) to someone who needs love and support in their life. We can increase the amount of love in the world.


Remember these 17 Ways to open thru fear and express love are here to dip into – they can last a day, and a lifetime.  Share this with your partner or a friend.


With love


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