How structure effects masculine and feminine essence

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How much structure we have in our lives effects our masculine and feminine essence in different ways. If you are a man spending a lot of your time in unstructured feminine flow can feel enormously pleasurable, but over time it will start to feel disturbing, unsettling and disempowering. If you are a woman and you do have not much structure in your life, strangely this can inhibit your feminine essence.

‘Structure – verb – construct or arrange according to a plan; give a pattern or organization to.’  Structure provides masculine framework and boundaries. It is like the banks of a river, a structure down which water flows in a path of least resistance. The feminine energy is like the water, without banks it spreads out everywhere. A structure may be a priority for your time, a schedule, a group you belong to, family and work routines, or physical activities you do regularly etc. Knowing how structure effects masculine and feminine essence allows you to make adjustments in your life.

When a man with a masculine essence starts losing structure in his life it can be hard for him, and difficult for the people around him. We see this when men lose their jobs and their purpose and start living aimlessly. Or when a man retires and finds his health suffers. Or even when he wants to take a break from a gruelling schedule, but over time he stops enjoying it. I hear about career military folk who retire and cannot adjust to the flexibilities of civilian life, they have become so dependant on the hierarchy and routines.

“a structure that supports a man’s deepest purpose”

Man hiking #masculine #essence #livingloveWhat is too much or too little structure? How much is right? It will depend on the individual and and his circumstances, age etc but essentially it is about having a structure that supports a man’s deepest purpose in life. When the structures in his life align with his deepest purpose then the structure is serving him, not the other way around.

A man’s structure may include time off with no plan, just being free to relax into the moment. However if he sets a structure to limit this flow time, he will feel stronger in his core rather than just letting it all drift and see how it goes. He will feel into what’s necessary for his optimum state. He may need to structure in time to be alone, meditating or facing challenges.

Clarity and direction are important traits and experience for the masculine (in men and women).

“Life loses zing, mystery, moistness”

When there is too much structure the masculine can sometimes become dry, rigid and overly mental. Life loses its zing, its mystery, its moistness. A coach or a therapist or your men friends will be help you discern if your structure is too tight or too loose, and how it’s helping or hindering your purpose. The woman in your life may want to pull you out of  your structure to enjoy more flow time with her, and she may be totally spot-on in her feeling that you need this. But if you do it too much, she’ll find you wishy washy and want you to go away and take action. The feminine is like that!

All of the above applies if a woman is in her masculine energy , she too needs to feel what sort of structure supports her life purpose etc.

“they relieve her of the burden of creating structures”

Structure for the feminine essence is like the river banks. They allow her feminine energy to flow freely down them and in a certain direction. Women often love to work in communities, organisations and in other masculine structures because they relieve her of the burden of creating structures for herself. Most of the classes at gyms are full of women. I hear many women say that without the discipline of a class they would struggle to work out. Some women are great at creating structure however, and they can help the women who are floundering around. Without structure the feminine essence can become confused, lost and in a halfway land of neither masculine nor feminine empowerment. Accept the help of people who have a stronger masculine essence and see how they do it well.

“disconnected to her flowing body bliss”

How structure effects masculine and feminine essenceToo tight a structure for the feminine essence can feel very powerful at first, its seductive even, but eventually it can lead to her feeling overwhelmed, stressed, tired and out of kilter with herself. She becomes angular and loses the joy of life and is disconnected to her flowing body bliss. Especially if her work life involves a lot of structure and routine, and then she has other structured activities, its necessary for some radical intervention!  Breaking up the structure sometimes and introducing newness and variety.

The feminine loves variety, it enlivens and nourishes her, as it is movement, which is what the Shakti energy is – life force in motion. Even to drive a different way to work, or eat different foods, or vary your exercise routine. A good practise is to do something you have never done before, every day for a week. Can be big or small things, whatever attracts you. Just has to be different and out of your regular routine. This brings aliveness and juiciness back to your life.

For couples you can experiment with the masculine creating structure for your lives so the feminine flows more freely. Each is then using and giving their innate gifts. Structures are up for review once you see how they are working.  See how structure effects masculine and feminine essence in your relationship.

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