Renew your Love and Freedom

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A couple - he holds her up in the air slightly. Renew your love and freedom

Love & Freedom – what do these words really mean? We don’t want to be paying lip service to some vague idea of being loving and free, and not seeing real positive shifts in our lives. Our world today is full of change and challenge. It is not like we can just make a yummy smoothie full of love and freedom extracts and drink it down daily. We want to be digging deep and opening wide to bring these qualities into our lives. It’s a challenge and a journey as all meaningful things are. If you are up for it, then it’s time to renew your love and freedom today.

I link the Feminine essence to Love and the Masculine essence to Freedom, not at all exclusively, but as primary needs and qualities. We all have both feminine and masculine in us and available to us, and many people relate to one core essence.

Love is…

Love is something that fills the feminine heart because she is Love herself. But she must choose to manifest this. It’s not automatic. There are circumstances that help and/or hinder this process, such as childhood traumas and adult experiences. Some would say that karmic patterns are also at play, but I believe and experience that we can grow and transform to allow more of our love to shine through our hearts and bodies.

How? By releasing her protections, allowing her body to open, reflecting on unkind words and actions, releasing contractions both in body and mind that crimp the flow of love through her heart and her body. These all help Love to manifest.

The greater risk

It is not about being a perfect person or being in the perfect love relationship. That will still require choosing love even when one does not feel like it, when the patterns and tendencies arise and hold one back. When it feels safer to stay closed is the time to re-evaluate. If you are not in danger of abuse or attack, then it becomes a greater risk to stay closed. Over time our refusal to love plays havoc with our emotional and physical health. And it doesn’t get easier over time as the rigidities get deeper and stronger, harder to dissolve. Not impossible but harder.

Do you want to renew your Love? The habit of unlove can be changed. Your commitment to do so is the first step, also seeing the value of it, trusting what’s deepest in your heart. Bringing more openness into your body is very helpful. Movement, flow, breath, relaxation, pleasure – it all helps to allow the vulnerability required to risk living love. Start with a small step or take the next step for you.

Freedom is…

Freedom for the masculine is intrinsic to his well-being. It does not mean being just being free to jump on a plane and take-off, or avoiding burdensome responsibilities, although that will evoke freedom. Spiritual freedom means his detachment from the duality of life, while still being fully feeling, present, aware and awake. It is that deep sense of freedom that comes from being fully on-purpose, responsible and committed to what is of the highest value to him.

If you are experiencing a lack of freedom, consider that it may not be about opting out of things or breaking away. True, sometimes it is necessary to let go of what is not working in your life, be that work, relationships, addictions etc. The deeper freedom may seem elusive, but it can be cultivated.

Leaning in, not out

How? By being disciplined where you need to be, creating clarity of thought and action, by leaning in rather than out, penetrating the truth of each moment with your deep consciousness. Knowing that you are already free, that is your true nature, regardless of circumstances.

Do you need a renewal of your freedom? Your commitment is essential, as is making time to practice what keeps you free such as meditation or nature activities, trusting your deepest clarity wherever you are at. Bringing more strength and openness into your body through exercise, movement, breath, relaxation – it all helps.

I hope this blog has inspired you to reset your love and freedom. One small step leads to another and to another……and so your foundation grows stronger.

With love


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