My first Living Love workshops in Shanghai China

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December 2015. Doing Living Love workshops in Shanghai, China is fulfilling, touching, different and inspiring. The participants continue to move me with their willingness to love, grow, feel, play and express. In spite of strong cultural differences between China and Australia, I see many similarities in our masculine and feminine essences, heart desires and the protections to opening and deepening.

On this recent visit I ran a 4-day workshop for women called ‘How to be a woman’ and a 5-day Living Love workshop for men and women. Lots of openings, fun, powerful offerings, tears and revelations.

Below are a few photos from the mixed workshop – many practices can’t be filmed of course but here is a taste. Scroll down for women’s workshop photos and more on my journey.

And the women’s workshop was alive and flowing with feminine essence, liberation, tears and joy.

I stay and work in a hotel where I get to look out at the Shanghai skyline, often smoggy, sometimes beautifully clear and sunny. It’s a very populated city, creative and on the move. The host and his team look after me well so I can concentrate on helping the participants in the Living Love workshops in Shanghai, China. Below are some pics of my journey which included Christmas and New Year…..

I look forward to my next trip to China. To building more connection with the team and the people, the country. There is a definite need for my work here and a readiness to go deeper into personal growth.

Cynthia Connop
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Cynthia Connop is a relationship consultant, international documentary filmmaker and the founder and facilitator of the Living Love programs.

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