4 Myths of Masculine & Feminine Essence

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Dissolving 4 myths of masculine & feminine essence that are currently predominating and causing confusion.

Myth 1. We are best when we have a balance of masculine and feminine 

A balance would have us all being equally masculine and feminine in our energy, and while we are equal, we are not the same. This neutrality would give no polarity between the opposites and be rather boring!

We all have both masculine and feminine energies within us. And we need some of both. Too much masculine energy can become rigid, excessively competitive, unfeeling, and detached from life. Functional, but dry and unyielding.

Too much feminine energy can become emotionally unstable, caught up in drama, unable to create much in the world, surrendering to anything that is stronger.

Yin Yang symbol

It is important to strengthen our natural essence and I have found that it is then easier to cultivate the opposite as well.

In the yin yang symbol we see that each has a bit of the other energy in it. The masculine yang person then has access to the yielding aspect of the feminine. This makes him more receptive to feelings, to love and change. Which gives him more impact. The feminine yin person then has access to the focusing, directive aspect of the masculine. This makes her stronger, more able to function, to guide and lead herself and others, in service of her feminine heart.

Myth 2. Freedom is the masculine realm

It is true that the awake masculine values freedom highly, and many wars have been fought over this. And relationships ended when he feels too constrained. However, the feminine also values freedom, but in a very different way.

Woman looking over wire fence

She doesn’t want to be free of relationships or worldly concerns. She wants to be free of repression and restraint of her natural feminine energies. Feminine essence desires the freedom to be wild, to be fully expressed in her love. In relationship she is most happy when she feels free to be herself, to let go, to be her everchanging fullness of shakti love-light.

Of course, in a repressed society she will fight fiercely for human rights. She cannot stand to see people treated badly. She also deeply values the freedom of an aware masculine essence as he helps her open up and be free of her worries and concerns of daily life.

Myth 3. Love is the feminine realm

Man holds woman

It is true that the divine feminine is steeped in love, and without her there may not be many relationships at all. However, the masculine also values love highly, especially the trust and loyalty of his brothers, his family, his compatriots. He loves deeply and doesn’t enter into committed relationships lightly, because he wants to be truly responsible and fully present. He isn’t usually emotional about love, it’s more about the bonds of shared pursuits and values. And knowing who has his back when he needs it most, both men and women.

He highly values being loved by the feminine, as he knows she draws him deeper into the flavours of love and the dance of intimacy.

Myth 4. Our sexual essence is fixed – it’s just who we are

While we do have an innately masculine or feminine essence, or are naturally neutral, this can be further cultivated.

Man and woman facing each other at Living Love workshop

Much is due to our childhood conditioning, peer pressure and social ideals and beliefs. Finding out where you naturally land in the masculine, feminine realms is awesome. And once you are comfortable with that, then you can see what you would like to bring out and enhance.

If your feminine essence has become dried up under a mask of masculine doing and pushing, which is how the feminine usually unconsciously does the masculine energy, you can find out how to revive and release her and let her grow. If your masculine essence has become swamped by feminine pleasing, doubting and wavering (which is how the masculine usually unconsciously does the feminine energy), you can learn how to strengthen him and let him out of the bag!

I hope you have found the 4 myths of masculine & feminine energies helpful.

With love and appreciation,


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