Are you Magnetic to Love?

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Dancing group in pairs. Are you Magnetic to Love

Do others find you attractive or are you more of the friend type? Is your lovemaking lacking passion?  You can be magnetic to love.

Magnetic attraction requires opposite energies to be drawn towards each other. Masculine and feminine are good examples of opposites that attract. If we are both the same polarity, there may be deep and good feelings, but we not magnetic.

What are these opposites that attract and make us magnetic to love?

If you have a core masculine* essence, which is most men, then being magnetic is about being rooted in your power and strength. It means acting reliably and being a silent witness, and ready to move into action as needed. Having a mission that is meaningful for you. It’s also about developing a sense of humour and compassionate detachment from the feminine moods and the struggles of life.

Being masculine magnetic to love is also about the depth of your commitment to your life purpose and mission. Or being committed to finding it, if you don’t have one. Your presence and depth, combined with warmth and vulnerability is essentially what is sexy to her. You don’t need to be great dancer, the top earner or the best-looking guy. If you are committed to staying steady while she weaves her storms and sparkles around you, you will be magnetic.

How to do this?  The masculine magnetic is a meditator but more than that he is energised in his body and a warrior for love. He seeks clarity then makes a plan and follows it, staying true to his spirit. The masculine trusts his feelings and his abilities, honouring his limits. In his purpose is a desires to have an impact and help others, in his own way.

He is willing to breathe deeply in the midst of the feminine storm and stay steady, while taking his alone space when needed so he can recharge. He understands the feminine need for closeness may be more than his and is compassionate about her needs, and his own.

If you have a core feminine* essence, which is most women, then being magnetic means being in your body and living from your heart with confidence, embracing love, enjoying the feminine mystery of feeling. Allowing your body and energy to move and flow.

Being feminine magnetic to love means letting your heart shine open in an unprotected way, allowing your feelings to flow and be seen. Being true to yourself and your unpredictable nature And being more mysterious than rational. Trusting your unique intuition and intelligence and the gift of it to others. All of this is the bliss of the feminine and is very attractive to the masculine. Your tears can be a gift of your heart as well as your smiles.

You don’t need to be a high achiever, the most successful or fit some ideal body type. If your heart is wide open, and you are committed to staying open while feeling all the ups and downs of life, while he is that rock in the storm, you will be magnetic.

How to do this? The feminine magnetic is opening her body to flow and move, in her own way. She is willing to feel all of her feelings and surrender to the love that moves in her moment to moment. Dancing, moving and honouring her own magnificent loving heart, however that is received. She is fearlessly herself, her glory shines in her unique way. She gives trust to the good people in her life. and can be a fierce force for love.

When these opposites come into proximity to each other there is natural attraction. We experience a pull, we are drawn closer, the desire for union is a bodily energy that arises. It’s unmistakable. Cultivating your own magnetic essence allows that attraction to be present in long term relationships and in dating, and in life!

Are you magnetic to love? If not what can you cultivate that will make a difference?

with love


Cultivating your essence is developed in the Attraction Intimacy & Love workshops.

*I’m going to talk here about masculine and feminine essence and a reminder that it’s not always linked to gender. Some men have a more feminine core essence and vica versa.

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