Living a Passionate Life #1 – are you magnetic in your masculine or feminine essence?

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Man living a passionate life

Do you find yourself being ignored by the opposite sex, or getting attention for the wrong reasons? Do others find you irresistible or are you more of the friend type, whether you are single or partnered? Is your lovemaking lacking passion and spiritual connection? Do you offer your gifts freely to others or tend to be withdrawn? Does living a passionate life seem impossible?

If you are a man 
with a masculine essence, which is most men, then being magnetic is about being rooted in your power and strength, acting reliably, being a silent witness yet ready to pounce into action as needed. Being ready to penetrate the world for the benefit of all beings. It’s also about having a sense of humour and compassionate detachment from all the moods and struggles of life (and women).

“being magnetic is about being rooted in your power”

Being magnetic is also about the depth of your commitment to your life purpose and mission, or being committed to finding it. Your presence and depth, combined with warm-heartedness and vulnerability is essentially what is sexy about men. You don’t need to be great dancer, or the best-looking bloke. If you are committed to staying steady while she weaves her magic storms and sparkles around you, you will be magnetic.

“trust your feelings and your abilities”

How to be this, living a passionate life? Meditate, energise your body, seek to be clear, make a plan and follow it, trust you feelings and your abilities, honour your word, help others, breathe into the feminine swirl and stay steady, Take your alone space as needed to recharge. Don’t be knocked off your course. Be gentle when you need to be and understand the feminine need for closeness may be more than yours. Small shifts create big results.

woman living a passionate life

If you are a woman with a feminine essence, which is most women, then being magnetic is about being in your body and heart with a quality of confidence, love, mystery and feeling. It’s about allowing your body and energy to move and flow.

“be more mysterious than rational”

Letting your heart shine open in an unprotected way, allowing your feelings to flow, being unpredictable, and being more mysterious than rational. Trusting your unique intuition and intelligence and gifting it to others. All of this is the bliss of the feminine and is very attractive and inspiring to the masculine. Your tears can be a gift of your heart as well as your smiles.

give trust to the good men in your life”

How to be this living a passionate life? Dance, move, and feel all your feelings. Let-go, breathe, and surrender to the love that moves in you as best you can, moment to moment. Honour your magnificent loving heart, however it is received. Fearlessly be yourself.  Give trust to the good men in your life. Small shifts create big results.

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