Living a Passionate Life – Part 4 The breath is a key to openness and presence

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The breath is fundamental as it allows us to live full and open, rather than shallow or contracted, in our energy, emotions and offerings. The breath is the life force and it also directs the flow of energy in our bodies and minds. Most of us are aware that when we are stressed and anxious our breathing comes fast and high up in the chest, when we are relaxed the breath slows and goes deeper in the torso. It changes according to our mental and emotional states. Living a passionate life – Part 4 involves our breathing.

“A full breath means a full life”

The way we breathe also effects our abundance, our capacity for sexual pleasure, our ability to be fully present, and our intimate connections. A full breath means a full life. There are many aspects to opening the breath, and practices to achieve different results.

Here are some steps for a simple yet profound relaxing of the breath, opening the heart centre, becoming deeply present and filling yourself with life force.

  1. Sitting or standing, notice your body and your breath, without trying to change it.
  2. Relax and soften the front of your body, allowing your breath to go deeper into your belly, without force.
  3. Even up the length of your inhale and exhale comfortably.
  4. Enjoy it, let a half smile come onto your face. 🙂 Forcing it defeats the purpose.
  5. Now bring awareness to your lower body, and let your breath soften and go even deeper for a few breaths.
  6. Now bring attention to your solar plexus area between your navel and chest. Expand this with your breath, for a few breaths. Feel your breath pushing the sides of your body.
  7. Then bring your attention to your heart centre in the middle of your chest and expand this gently with your breath.
  8. Take a few slow breaths filling your heart centre(chest), then solar plexus and then belly with each inhale and release it out of each area, on your exhale.

“deliberately relax and allow it”

Breathing consciously and fully is a practice. Each time you are aware of your breath and deliberately relax and allow it to fill your torso, it creates a new habit that eventually becomes natural. Then it is available to you in times of sudden stress or emotional discomfort. It enables you to refocus on whats important tin the present moment. To be real.

It will give you more vitality and energy and increase your capacity for life. Breathing like this easily and relaxedly when making love can increase your pleasure and connection with your beloved. It also increases your attractiveness to potential partners.

“the subtle energies of valley orgasms”

If we simply breathe more slowly and fully when making love this gives us access to the subtle energies of valley orgasms and deep connection. There are also circular breaths that move energy up and down the spine. More on those another time. For now let’s focus on Living a Passionate Life – Part 4.

with love


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