Living a Passionate Life #2 – balancing the energetic masculine and feminine

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Living Love - balancing the energetic masculine and feminine dance

Are you longing or waiting for your partner, or a potential partner, to be different? Would you like them to be more surrendered, or more claiming, in the relationship? Do you find yourself repressing your true intimacy needs because it seems so hard to find the right balance with another? If you are single, are you attracting people that don’t really meet you where you want to be be met? Balancing the energetic masculine and feminine dance is often the remedy for these issues.

“We think the problem lies in the other person”

The energetic imprint we are ourselves making is often the key cause of these problems. Usually we are not aware of it, and we think the problem lies in the other person. But if we are dominating in an energetic area, then our partner or potential partners can naturally default into the polarized opposite.

If you want more surrender (feminine) from your partner then wind back your own surrendering, devotional energies and give them the space to be that. Be less going with the flow, less feeling it all, and less inviting with your radiance.

“winding back your own penetrative, guiding energies”

If you want your partner to be more claiming and directional (masculine), try winding back your own penetrative, guiding energies. Do less of making plans, holding space, or giving advice. This gives the other the space to flow into the yin/yang dynamic in a new way.

The first step is being aware of what you are longing for, or missing. Notice the things you are giving up on ever finding in a partner. Breathe and feel how you can energetically relax those qualities in yourself, making room for them to come to you, to be present with you and around you. Experiment, explore and have fun with it.

 “It’s about what you are longing to have in your love-dance”.

It doesn’t have to be gender specific. It can be very sexy for men to have their woman exhibit some dominance, and women can often find it thrilling when a man surrenders to their feminine power. It’s about what you are longing to have in your energetic love-dance. When you have the awareness to see what is happening and the skill to adjust and cultivate new energies, this is the art of loving polarity.



Cynthia Connop
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Cynthia Connop is a relationship consultant, international documentary filmmaker and the founder and facilitator of the Living Love programs.

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