The Intimacy Keys: Unlocking the Art of Deep Connection

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Couple close up, eye gazing. The Intimacy keys

This blog is an invitation to both singles and couples to unlock deeper Intimacy and Connection in your life and relationships. Intimacy cannot be forced; it requires letting go of fear and resistance and becoming more open and receptive. Every step in that direction is a good one and like interest in the bank it compounds! As you read these … Read More

Living a Passionate Life – Part 4 The breath is a key to openness and presence

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The breath is fundamental as it allows us to live full and open, rather than shallow or contracted, in our energy, emotions and offerings. The breath is the life force and it also directs the flow of energy in our bodies and minds. Most of us are aware that when we are stressed and anxious our breathing comes fast and high up in the chest, … Read More

Feminine Essence Pleasure Tips

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Feminine essence pleasure tips - Female stone statue with flower

If you have a feminine essence you will be happier when love is flowing through you and into your life. My feminine essence pleasure tips will support you in being and doing what you love, the way you want to. Grounded in self-love. Being of service, being in loving connections with family, partner, friends, mentors, community, pets, causes. The work … Read More