Warrior Tips for Men

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In order to cultivate his masculine essence a man can increase the amount of ‘challenge’ he can handle in his body & mind, which will strengthen and ‘widen’ his presence, and increase his spiritual freedom.

The masculine is most alive living at his ‘edge’ with the right amount of challenge to increase mastery of himself and how he relates to others, and to the whole of life.

I have worked in men’s groups for years supporting and challenging men, and myself, to get stronger, clearer, more awake and aware of what it means to be a man in today’s world. Its an evolutionary journey we are on, to find new and better ways to be men and women, masculine and feminine. To live love and freedom, and give our gifts to each other and the world. And when we ‘fail’, we can stop, dust ourselves off, take responsibility and continue.

Download our masculine warrior tips that will make a difference to your day, and your life.


Ernst Dams
About the author:
Ernst has been involved with Deida-inspired men's groups for over ten years and has been a Living Love facilitator.

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