Clearing out the love junk

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This morning I found myself trying on my dresses to decide which to keep and which to let go of. I was in doubt about one or two and then it was clear – only what enhances my feminine essence and radiance stays in my wardrobe, and what makes me feel ‘ok’ is going! I was clearing out the love junk.

The masculine version of this is letting go of any clothing that is not good quality, even if it is still functional. Keep what makes you feel energised and well groomed.

Now is the perfect time to do a ‘relationship cleanse’ and empty your cup of junky ‘gap fillers’, past losses, failures, resentments or disappointments. Then, more love and abundance can pour into you!
So here are some Tips for Clearing out the Love Junk – for Men and Women, Singles and Couples.

Lotus - Clearing out the love junk  If you have been given clothes or jewelleryfrom past loves notice what the attachment is when you look at it, or think about it. If there are thoughts of them, good or bad, consider letting it go, now. These items can keep you hooked into past loves, who are not fulfilling you now, or even worse, may be triggers for trauma and loss.

Lotus - Clearing out the love junk Similarly, photos of past relationships. Do you really want to keep them and look back at them? Or would you rather create new ones of your present or future love? An exception would be family photos that are meaningful to you, but best noton display. If you feel resistant to this, check out what are you hanging onto? Is it worth filling up your emotional space with? Deleting them permanently can be liberating!

Lotus - Clearing out the love junk  If you are best friends with your ex partners, is this in any way a hindrance to calling in the intimacy you want now, or being fully engaged in your current relationship? Does it make you less vulnerable having them in the wings? Are they gap fillers for a real, current, loving partner? You don’t have to eliminate them from your life, but you may change the nature of your relationship and make space for a more fulfilling love.

Lotus - Clearing out the love junk Letting go of past hurts and resentments is helpful for making way for an abundance of love in your life. We can’t let go before we are ready to. However, one way to be more free is to realise your part in it. Choose one situation and explore how you participated in it. Perhaps you turned a blind eye, or over-tolerated a dodgy situation. (If you were in fear for your safety, you may need skilled help to unravel the trauma.)
Now, and this is crucial, bring deep compassion for the self you were then. Understand that you made the best choices you could at that time. Have your own back! This reclaims your power, and the freedom to make different choices now.

Doing all or even one of these things will help you make room to create and receive a new abundance of love. As you shed these layers, feel the renewal and be open.

A gap is pregnant with possibility.

I’d love to hear about any results you have with these tips, and clearing out the love junk – please email me at

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