Fifty Shades of Love

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Sitting here in the warm winter sun I am reading what is remarkably the ‘fastest selling paperback of all time’. Fifty Shades of Grey has been dubbed ‘mummy porn’, erotica aimed at women over 30, and is reputedly awakening dormant female desire.

It is rather simply written, and dishes up a palatable depiction of sado-masochistic sex ….and yet women are devouring it in private and public, handcuff sales are on the rise, spanking is now openly a hot media topic….

Why? Because this novel evokes one of women’s most powerful longings, almost a taboo in our post-feminist culture. In Fifty Shades Anastasia, a naïve virginal student becomes sexually ‘submissive’ to Christian, a handsome ‘dominant’ billionaire. S&M, being ‘owned’ by a man, can be a substitute for the feminine longing to deeply surrender, producing an intense feeling of erotic submission and out-of-this-world pleasure. It is a ‘dark’ mirror of the feminine spiritual essence that yearns for a deep, trustable man to penetrate her whole heart and body and claim her open as Love itself.

In our ‘equality culture’ its not politically correct to celebrate gender difference, and independent women struggle to let go and allow a man take the lead. And yet in the bedroom it seems spanking is a turn-on and women want to be masterfully taken out of control by their man, beyond their rationality, and open up to boundless pleasure. An ultimate spiritual manifestation of this is for the feminine to be blossomed open as the light of Love by masculine Consciousness.

Meanwhile women read mummy porn, and jump the hubby in bed while fantasizing about being tied up and spanked by Christian Grey….. it’s a strange world we create.

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