Living from the Warrior Heart

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Living from the Warrior Heart at a Living Love workshop

The Warrior energy is found at the ‘darker’ end of the Masculine energy spectrum. It represents the part in us that would fight to protect our child or loved ones, fight to the death for our country, our beliefs or our mates. It can push through limitations and barriers to further our mission, our ambition and achieve our goals. The masculine ‘warrior’ energy can be used for noble or selfish ends. It has been channelled into unjust wars and abusive acts in the name of just causes and righteous beliefs.  This must and can be changed. Living from the Warrior Heart is evolving.

The warrior code demands us to be stoic and unswayed by feelings and physical conditions, fearlessly present, courageous, dominating and confident. Ultimately he is the archetype of freedom, the hero who conquers all. Many men today play out this energy making a ‘killing’ at business, ‘annihilating’ the opposing football team, or callously picking-up women for sex.

The warrior role can be rigid and limiting for the evolving masculine. Consequently many men have rejected this archetypal energy in favour of a softer, more feeling, consultative approach to life. Yet the absence of the warrior energy comes at a cost to our mission and effectiveness in the world, at work and with partners. Women may prefer a husband ‘in touch with his feminine side’, but they desire a man who confidently embraces his woman sexually and ravishes her deeply and lovingly, yet stays free, humorous and with his heart wide open.

Many men are challenged to express this warrior energy consciously in a way that actually magnifies love in the world. Like a ‘kinked’ hose, their energy is blocked here due to negative modelling (a violent father), self-judgement, trauma and restrictive cultural values. When this energy is not flowing freely, a man’s capacity to stand fearless in the face of ‘death’, his woman or the world is compromised. To others he will be felt as weak, out of integrity or untrustworthy. His ability to create in the world is blocked and he may feel unfulfilled and impotent.

The question is how do we as modern men claim our warrior energy, living from the warrior heart and tempering it with wisdom and love, and use it for leadership in loving service?

For a man to grow into his full energetic capacity, he will need to ‘un-kink’ his body and mind through physical and spiritual practices, like breathing, martial arts, meditation and other challenges offered to him by a men’s group and close trustable friends. Keeping a soft, open front of the body is paramount, allowing the inhalation to travel down the front of the body, relaxing open the chest area and feeling connected to the heart. The essential key is to consciously soften and open the heart, using the breath, while you allow the fearless warrior to express himself through you, with humour, wildness and loving force.

Feedback from the feminine and life will be plentiful and instructive.

Opening and loving your woman (and the world) in your relaxed fullness and fearlessness allows her to blossom open in divine surrender and magnifies Love on the planet, positively affecting all sentient beings.

The heart warrior doesn’t have to always get it right but he must have a noble intention to fulfil what is important to him to the best of his ability. Standing firm in vulnerability, spine strong, open-hearted, aware and ready to learn, this man is effective and can be trusted.

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