Battle Cry for the Masculine

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There resides within men a sleeping giant… he is a dark and wild creature full of power and potential. I believe that accompanied by his feminine counterpart, together they can become an unstoppable force of love in action that can save the world.

His savage history is littered with atrocities that have wrought tremendous damage and brought unspeakable shame upon the masculine psyche. Right now he suffers from chronic repression and denial. But denying him is futile and can lead to perverted and unhealthy expressions of his magnificence.

He has always been here, he is here now, and he always will be.

He is uninhibited and boundless, unashamedly powerful, penetrating, passionate, loving and free. He is willing to face death for the sake of freedom, the outraged warrior who will march to certain oblivion in defence of truth and virtue … and he is waking up.

At the risk of offending some, I am going to be brutal and visceral here…

At times I feel a powerful and instinctive urge to either fuck or kill. This lizard brain emerges and I am ensconced in its skin. It is as much a feeling in the body as it is a thought in the mind.

I am ready to take any female that catches my eye and drag her into the cave. Testosterone is raging and there is an innate impulse to merge and explode into freedom from constraint, the “little death” that sets me free of the unbearable angst of being alive.

I am ready to kill. I can feel the primal animal underneath ready to snarl and fight it out to the death with anyone who poses a threat to my woman and children.

I am ready to hunt, prey and feed on any creature in my path that will nourish my tribe.

I do not act upon his every ravenous impulse. Instead, I endeavour to master and use this energy, to breathe him in, circulating his energy within my body, opening my heart and appreciating the source that inspired him to arise. Attempting to move the energy away from my head or my tail, to offer it back through the heart with love, honour and respect. When I successfully achieve this I am charged and enlivened with purpose and presence. But he is a wild stallion and it is easy to fall off, collapsing into anger or fantasy.

Any man with a masculine essence knows this beast. He is a dark and primal part of men, with deep roots in our evolution tracing back through the millennia. Indeed he may have served us well up until a few minutes ago in evolutionary time. He can even serve us well still if we can learn to harness his wild energy.

I often feel a deep shame around his energy. Through my own self judgement as much as the fear of how others will judge me. It has been deeply uncomfortable for me to share this with you.

There is a dense and heavy cultural baggage attached to this wild, potent masculine force and like me, I suspect every man feels the burden. So manifold are the horrors perpetrated by his dark energy that he is widely shunned and reviled as a force of evil and destruction. The war, the rape, the pillage and the patriarchal nightmare that is responsible for oppressing both women and men.

Men feel the pain and suffering of these violations deeply whilst at the same time having to recognise that we are capable of being the perpetrator. This weighs heavily on our collective conscious, even though as individuals, we may never have been directly responsible.

Yet I know that he is also a source of great power. When a man is able to stand comfortably in his dark masculine and bring his heart to it… this is truly a divine gift.

The rapist becomes the ravisher who deeply loves his woman with wild abandon.

The warmonger becomes the noble samurai who will put everything on the line, facing death to protect his family or to defend truth and freedom.

Let me tell you another secret… your woman will revel in his strength and virility! A man who can relax into his dark masculine energy whilst holding a deep heart connection with his lover can give and receive many exquisite gifts…

As much as he can love and adore her with integrity, and to his full capacity, she can trust him.

As much as he can feel into her deepest longing and desires, she can reveal them to him.

As much as he can probe deeply into her soft heart with sensitivity, penetrating through the layers, she may yield in pleasurable surrender.

As much as he can feel out from his heart into hers, responding to her subtle signals, whilst expressing fully his primal lustfulness, she can meet him with her wantonness or dare him further.

And if he worships her, kneeling before her in absolute devotion and service, she may merge with him fully, opening so completely that he no longer knows where he ends and she begins.

Don’t take my word for any of this, I wholeheartedly encourage men everywhere to embrace his power and discover these exquisite gifts!

The time is ripe for this wild masculine energy to emerge in men to protect our global tribe from the forces that threaten us. It is time to obliterate the patriarchal nightmare unfolding before us that threatens our freedom, our indigenous peoples, our eco systems and our very survival as a species.

This is a battle cry for the masculine to stand up and fight for justice, to defend the rights of the vulnerable, our children and future generations. The battle is within the hearts of men & woman everywhere and the battle ground is the heart of humanity.

Women are you ready to exalt this dark warrior of the heart?

Men are you ready to embody him?

The freedom drum is pounding and he is waking up, ready to dance with his divine goddess the wild feminine. It is a dance that burns with furious outrage and fierce compassion.

The power and energy that flows between them can destroy the illusion of power, greed, exploitation and separation with a love that knows no beginning and no end.


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3 Comments on “Battle Cry for the Masculine”

  1. OMG Nick
    I love your truth the rawness, honesty and passion.
    Deep in the deepest fibres of my feminine being I know what you say to be true n real. As a woman truly waking to the wild feminine may I say on behalf of us all….. We need you, we need brave men exactly as you described, real men such as you not afraid to stand in the fire whether ours or the worlds.
    The survival of us all depends on this true blending of the wild feminine and warrior masculine being fully wake and alive, bringing our gifts to each other and the world living n loving fully open, brave daring and alive…. I see you I honor you…… Lead the charge x

  2. Thank you Rowena. I have shared this piece in a number of forums now and the overwhelming feedback is that feminine women are yearning for this primal energy on a very deep level.

    In fact it has been suggested for men to deny or repress this primal energy is an insult to the feminine as one woman commented…

    “The ‘tame’ man who apologises for loving the material world, who apologises for loving the feminine, also sexually, is actually insulting the feminine on a deep level. He implies that his passion is demonic, that it exploits her, that she is a passive victim. This in turn demonises her passion and her desire to express her wildness, and pushes her towards the role of victim”.

  3. Amazingly beautiful writing! Recently had an embodiment workshop for the dark masculine and it was incredible. How do you drop in to your dark masculine and embody him. So excited to hear!

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