The Union of Masculine and Feminine

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Man and woman in close embrace The Union of masculine and Feminine

The union of masculine and feminine is a wonderful meeting that can bloom in your own relationships and intimacy. It also shows a loving model for your family. Singles learn how to attract a partner who is their reciprocal, and this is sexy!

In the pandemic era of the last two years, the lockdowns, isolation and divisions made it generally harder for both couples and singles. The union of masculine and feminine is a deep desire for most people. And it was difficult to find amongst the arguments, or the inability to meet new people. But not impossible, as these examples below show.

Recently I worked with a couple in their early forties*, he is a career professional, she is a successful entrepreneur. Almost overnight they were both suddenly in extended lockdown working from their small apartment. Also forced to home school their three children, while isolated from their usual support. The 24/7 proximity and the stress revealed the fault lines in their relationship, creating a lot more conflict. This is where they at when they reached out to me. As we explored what was going on, it also became clear that they had become ‘neutral’ energetically, and long before the pandemic highlighted it. They had no differentiation of masculine and feminine, no polarity between them. This had led to a lack of attraction and passion.

There was love and care there, but he union of masculine and feminine had been lost. They were not ‘lovers’ anymore. Throughout the sessions they connected with this possibility again and realised they would need to risk a greater vulnerability between them. A willingness to trust that they could enter their own essence and share it with the other. Barriers slowly dropped away, old resentments began to heal. They also made practical changes, and things opened up for them. Even in their cramped space and schedule they made time to nurture their own energy and bring that to each other. They supported each other in this as well. The conflicts reduced as their union became more central, a greater priority than material growth or extra sleep. And they began to enjoy themselves again.

The union of masculine and feminine is not just for couples. Single people are not meant to be a balanced 50/50 where they have no need of their opposite. How dull would that be! I support singles to reconnect with their own essence, bringing out their feminine radiance, beauty and flow, expressing masculine confidence, integrity and purpose.

This is not necessarily gender based, as we all have both masculine and feminine within us. However, most people have more of one than the other and tend to polarise into that when in relationship.

One single man* I worked with had been looking for a partner for years. He went on numerous dates via internet dating apps, but never met anyone where it would go beyond the first few meetups. Exploring together he was able to identify past fears and experiences that were making him hide his masculine essence. Some of this was from childhood, some from his adult experiences. This man felt safer presenting more of his flowing, feeling side and wanting his partner to lead, which meant he wasn’t attractive to women with a more feminine essence.

By learning to honour his own core essence and authentic needs, he was happier with himself. Soon he was able to make real connections with women and this led him over several months to meet a woman with who he is now building a strong relationship, based on the art of love and freedom.
If you would like to ignite passion, energise your relationship or find one, then come and join me at The Union of Masculine & Feminine online Evening Workshop on March 16. I will be teaching how to do this right now.


*the details of the people in these case studies have been changed or merged to protect their privacy

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