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Couple - Tips for Couples

In the wisdom of the Living Love work for couples, of major importance is understanding that the differences of masculine and feminine essence, while equals, increases passion and love in a relationship We call this polarity. Yet often a couple is pulling against each other, avoiding the interplay or being stuck into a neutral mode of friendship, flatmates, co-parenting etc

When the feminine supports the masculine in his need for freedom, in his desire to follow his mission and purpose in life, then he in turn wants to provide for, protect his loved ones, give his talents and skills and go as deep as he can into wisdom and truth. When he deepens in his masculinity this allows his partner to safely relax more into her feminine nature of love, flow of feelings, intuition, wildness. The polarity then becomes a union of opposites. The masculine can also support his partner to live her gifts and talents to the fullest.

In the busy world we live in it can be difficult for each partner to find the time to nourish their own sexual essence. However, it is very important that each supports the other to have time OUT… the masculine to do what inspires and supports him, especially having time alone, or with other masculine groups and for her to have time to nourish and fulfil her need for feminine company, pleasure, nourishment and creative activities. When couples make this happen it deepens trust in the relationship. If either partner begins to feel burdened and that they have no freedom, particularly the masculine, then he may withdraw himself in other ways…eg. becoming distant or unavailable.

Couples can benefit and indeed flourish through nurturing the ‘wellness’ of their relationship with regular commitment to counselling or therapy as a couple. Relationships take work and awareness and this type of supportive space is doing the preventative/strengthening work, developing communication and understanding. The healing that happens through therapy creates a platform of trust and awareness that becomes a solid base to play and explore sexually and spiritually.

Cultivate the Art of Love through communication (verbal and non-verbal), sexual play, celebrating the feminine and the masculine union, honouring and appreciating your beloved. Making deliberate time to just be together for this is essential – it won’t just happen on its own as time goes on. 

So increase and enhance your own essence, and support your partner to do the same. Clean up individual and joint issues and misunderstandings, possibly through counselling, coaching or therapy. Make time for practicing connection, breathing, opening and deepening together.

See also ‘I love you:I trust you’ blog for further tips.

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