Radio interview with Cynthia Connop on ‘Timebeats’

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Frederick Malouf from Bondi Beach Radio, Sydney interviews Cynthia Connop on the inspiration behind Living Love, masculine and feminine interplay, and reveals his own personal challenge in relating to women. This radio interview with Cynthia Connop on ‘Timebeats’ show is an opportunity to hear Cynthia and her upbeat, loving energy.

Fifty Shades of Love

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Sitting here in the warm winter sun I am reading what is remarkably the ‘fastest selling paperback of all time’. Fifty Shades of Grey has been dubbed ‘mummy porn’, erotica aimed at women over 30, and is reputedly awakening dormant female desire. It is rather simply written, and dishes up a palatable depiction of sado-masochistic sex ….and yet women are devouring … Read More

Living Love from the Feminine Heart

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I daily juggle the art of living my feminine essence amidst this fast-paced life of responsibilities, plans, schedules and to-do lists. In this challenge, I am not alone. Living Love from the Feminine Heart is a lifelong transformation. Mainstream culture will have us ‘soldier on’ and ignore our feelings. This doesn’t work. Recent statistics show that women are twice as likely as men to struggle … Read More